Happy Homemade Pull-over Parka

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A few months ago I purchase Happy Homemade Sew Chic Kids by Ruriko Yamada since I heard that it had been released in English.  I love the simple style and classic look of the kids clothes in this book.  Bonus- the sizing is 2 through 8 which covers most of my children.

Pullover on Anne

I first made a pair of flared shorts in flannel for my 9 year old (the sizes are not hard to adjust) and they are nice but not really worth sharing on the blog since they are plain and already in the laundry bin.  But, over the weekend I made this cute pull-over parka for Anne (8 year old) and it is a big hit.  

Pullover front

I used a cotton lawn from the Little Lisette line at JoAnns.  It was a little slippery but really pretty.  I have more left over so you may see it again soon!  The drape is really nice and the feel of the cotton is great.

Pullover parka front 2

I made the bottom hem a casing for 1/4'' elastic and made faux ties on either sides.  It was a nice touch to make it a little more grown up.  

here are the versions from the book which ties in the front…


The hood is really cute and although it is small for Anne to use functionally, she says "that's ok-  it's really just for looks anyway Mom."   8 years old and she already knows that clothes are not always totally functional!

Pullover back

I admit that I struggled a bit to figure out how to make the neckline.  I am not a big maker of clothes so the lack of instructions in the book made it a little challenging for me.  I didn't mind figuring it out though and I really liked the result!  I wouldn't recommend the book to beginners because of the bare bones style of instructions but I really liked that since it made the project seem quicker to me.

Pullover by Gingercake

A success!  Hopefully I will be able to sew more fun projects now that my big commitment tasks of the last several months are finished.  Have you tried this book?  What other patterns are worth making?


  1. Looks fantastic. Thanks for the review as well, as a beginner sewer I’ll save it for later

  2. Really nice hoodie. Anne looks great in it, the bright blue suits her perfectly.

  3. Oh that’s really lovely!
    I’ve been in a sewing slump as finding patterns for my almost 8 year old that we both like has proved difficult. This one she would wear. I’d been avoiding this book since I already have many Japanese kids’ clothing books that I haven’t used in a few years. I guess I’ll just have to pick it up and see.
    Thanks! No, really!

  4. I just got that book! I can’t wait to try some out. Your hoodie is super cute!

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