I realized long ago that this blog is about sharing with YOU but it is also about keeping a record for ME! The first day of school is bittersweet and has to be documented. Ours went as expected- new school supplies were ready, lunches were packed, pancakes were made, outfits were arranged, and photos were taken. And then the bus came too soon and everything was rushed and after they left I had myself a little cry…


The day went by fast of course but this little person (with her black eye from rough housing with the big kids) waited not so patiently for their return.


And finally they came home!


And everything was wonderful for about 15 minutes until their exhaustion began to show and the bickering and grumpiness began.  But I knew that would happen (it was a disappointing shocker back when my first started school!) and I know today will be a little easier…


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