I really wanted to try out my new camera skills from the ShootFlyShoot class.  So, I had to make a dress for my girl to photograph her in of course!  These photos were taken in manual mode with very little adjustment in my PSE so I am thinking it’s a win so far! IMG_3896This is the danslalune smock dress that I have had for many years.  It is very simple to make and more carefully drafted than some “free” tutorials of making this style of dress.  I feel like it is worth buying the pattern since the fit is better.   I used some April Rhodes Arizona Fabric for the arms and pocket.  THe grey is a lightweight corduroy from Joanns.  Marion is REALLY into pockets.  In fact- she was kinda mad this dress only had one pocket.  This is my new favorite hair style on her a la Glitter + Wit.  Nothing cuter than a sticking up straight pony tail!

IMG_3884I had a lot of fun embroidering this dress and thinking of her wearing it.  She (and all my kids) have been sick over the last week and when she was back to normal it was like the sun was shining for all of us again.  To make the embroidery, I created the fonts (American Typewriter and Rock Salt) on a page in PSE and then printed it on a piece of paper.  I then backlit the paper and traced it onto the fabric.  You can back light the paper and fabric by holding it up to a sunny window.  Since it was night, I made it work by using my book light app on my iphone.  Worked great!

Sunshine 1I will admit freely that my 2 year old is getting away with murder everyday.  Look at this face!  She has become the BOSS.  There is something about being older, having the big ones away at school already and the adorable way she orders all of us around.  Sometimes it occurs to me that I may be creating a monster but then I just laugh it off.   I’ll deal with that later!  For now, we will just adore her in all her 2 year old bossy (excuse me- leadership oriented) glory.



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