This skirt really is cute.  I promise.  It’s made from this pretty fabric from Blend.  It has big adorable pockets made from vintage ticking (pockets are based on the Sally Dress Pattern).  It’s a little long,  but it actually does look really cute on her.  The only problem is that I have a short amount of time to photograph and I have to deal with a 2 year old model who is very single minded.

Who would only wear this stained tank top.  Who refused to stop brushing her teeth.  Who won’t let me pull her hair back.  Who is wearing shoes 2 sizes too big and won’t change.  Who likes to wear her skirts way down under her belly or pulled up super high.  She is my 4th child and I know better than to fight with her over these things that 1.) do not cause any safety problems or health risks, and 2.) Keep her happy and cause less drama in our home.

This is real life and it’s getting blogged anyway!    By the way- she loves this skirt and wears it all the time!





I am almost positive that you are not inspired to make this skirt since these pics make it look like a sack.  But just in case… I started with a 15” x WOF piece of fabric.  The pockets are about 10” x 7”.  I folded the 10” width in half, RST, and sewed them together.  I left the bottom edge of the pocket unfinished and closed it up when I made the hem.  The hem is 1.25” total- folded it under .25” first and then another 1”.  The waist band is made with 3/4” elastic.  The waist band cassing is 1”.

I’d love to see your crazy model photos!  email them to me and we can share on the facebook page!

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