Week 4 (already!) Giveaway from the Gingercake Holiday Gifts Sewing Series

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Last weeks winner was Serina from Stuart FLA.  Congratulations Serina!  This week I have another fantastic giveaway coming your way!  Have you ever shopped at Bloomerie Fabrics?  It is a beautiful online fabric shop that sells quilting cottons, patterns, organic fabrics, home decor and gorgeous fabric bundles too!  People often ask me where I get my fabrics, and Bloomerie is one of my favorite shops!  I bought all the solids I used to make this quilt for my 12 year old there.

Jess & Donna of Bloomerie have generously offered a $50 shopping certificate to one lucky winner this week!  YAY!  Here are some pretty pics from their shop…gingercakes-csbrights-1gingercakes-cookieexchange gingercakes-seaglassgrunge  gingercakes-garlandpinkgingercakes-storybookchristmas gingercakes-trinket-blue

So pretty, right? Are your dying to start new sewing projects just looking at those photos?  Me too!

So, back to the giveaway!  Before we proceed to the entries, Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House (our guest sewer on Thursday 12/8!) has also offered THREE patterns from her shop to the lucky winner this week!  Hayley’s patterns are elegant and stylish and you are sure to find something perfect for you (she has 2 patterns for ladies!) or your sweet little one.  Head over to her shop to check them out.  Here are a few of my favorites!

janie-cover-collage-2-537x671-1julia-11-537x806 caroline-party-dress-opening-537x739


OK, Finally!  NOW, you can enter the giveaway.  Thanks so much to Bloomerie Fabrics and Welcome to the Mouse House for their generous prizes this week!

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  1. Lovely fabric! And will check out the patterns. Thanks for the give away

  2. Avolid stress…drink wine!!! close sewing room door, disconnect phone, put dogs and children outside…..

  3. I try to plan ahead to avoid the holiday sewing stress. I start in September’ish. However, then I always tell myself, “It’s only September, you have plenty of time.” So, in the end, the stress is inevitable. I am a person though, that works well under stress so I almost wouldn’t know what to do without it :)

  4. I love the patterns, so cute!

  5. I avoid the stress by knowing my limits!

  6. Love the FB tutorial for 9 min cloth napkins! thanks for the giveaway too!

  7. I avoid holiday sewing stress by starting EARLY!

  8. The key to avoiding holiday stress is to plan early – I like to start in August or September.

  9. I avoid holiday stress by doing something creative by hand every day even if it’s a few stitches and remembering to take deep breathes if I do feel overwhelmed and have gratitude.

  10. I just try to start early and relax. Rushing just causes mistakes

  11. I really enjoy looking at the patterns and materials they offer. It helps me relax when my anxiety flares up.

  12. I try not to sew everything for the holidays, lol. I try to choose a few people to sew for and spread gifts to birthdays not just Christmas.

  13. Thanks for another great giveaway, Virginia and friends. I love the two pink Bloomerie Fabric prints (triangle trees and snowflakes) along with the stack of five snowmen/snow play prints shown in your post introducing this giveaway. Whimsical, cheerful, fun!

  14. I take it one day at a time and I totally simplified this year

  15. Planning ahead, but that’s easier said than done. 😉

  16. What an awesome giveaway! The fabrics and patterns are so pretty! Thanks for the chance to win and Merry Christmas!

  17. I wish I were better at avoiding holiday sewing stress…I always get over committed! But I try to prioritize anything I have to mail away first and then work on the rest.

  18. Usually I start very early but this year I am way behind so I am a little stressed! Thank you for your inspiration.

  19. Sewing is not usually stressful -I do start presents way ahead of time. I have a 5 day quilting retreat in July and in October so every year. So I am always looking for the projects to do then. Those getaways certainly help!

  20. When the stress of trying to get all my holiday sewing done gets to me, I sit back, put my feet up and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa. I let my mind wander to past holidays filled with joy. By the end of that cup of cocoa, I’m ready to get those projects done!

  21. I wish I had a good answer to that question! The best I can do to avoid the stress of sewing during the holidays is to sew whenever I can and enjoy my time stitching. If I hurry and stress over it, I make mistakes…not good!

  22. Every time I decide to make a gift I also choose an alternate gift that I can purchase quickly if life gets in the way! Sometimes I just make the purchase and save the make for a less stressful time!

  23. Its hard to avoid holiday sewing stress. I try to tell myself to start sewing earlier but that doesn’t seem to ever really happen. I’ve tried to simplify my gifts a bit. not making quit so many or branching out and making things besides things that can be sewn. I try to figure out exactly what i have to make and just concentrate on making one things at a time instead of worrying about everything. Also to think about the person I’m making the gifts for while making them, and envisioning the person’s reaction when I give them the gift. That really helps dissolve some frustration.

  24. Love your patterns! To avoid holiday stress, I try to start early, and use my time well. Doesn’t always work, but that’s the hope.

  25. I make a few gifts each year and if I don’t have projects done by the 10th of December, I will finish them in the new year. After the 10th, I concentrate on holiday baking and decorating.

  26. I normally don’t do much holiday sewing. I get stressed with shopping if I don’t finish the first week of December.

  27. The only way to avoid holiday sewing stress is to start early or don’t make so much. It always takes more time to make something then you think it will.

  28. I start my sewing early, but still run close sometimes. Thanks for the giveaway. Those patterns are really cute and the gift certificate is very generous!

  29. I love to come and visit and see all that is new. Such wonderful ideas and beautiful fabric.

  30. I try to start my holiday sewing in October.

  31. The way I avoid holiday sewing stress is to sew the more involved projects well in advance and only sew simpler projects in December.

  32. I try to avoid stress by starting my sewing really early – but then I still find more things to make last minute!

  33. I actually love all the holiday sewing! But I avoid the stress by starting with all the Christmas gifts sewing as soon as possible. And…(shocking) I usually just go shopping for my kids’ festive outfits. :)

  34. ……holiday knitting stress instead!

  35. Just don’t do it!

  36. I quit trying to sew for the holidays I do it other times of the year instead

  37. No holiday stress here take chocolate breaks all the time hug the dog go for a walk or drink wine not necessarily in that order

  38. I don’t.. Lol I have a Christmas dress for my daughter, tops for my mom and mother in law and ties that still need to get sewn.

  39. Avoid STRESS! I don’t. I do like the idea of drinking wine…stress or otherwise.

  40. LOVE these patterns and fabric!

  41. Usually I am not stressed but my husband had double bypass with a tricuspid valve replacement in Ict. What could go wrong, did! First a blood clot which expanded his stay for 15 days, then home for a week. Then back in for a week with cellulitis. Then home a week and then back in for a week with a bad infection in one of the graft sites! Hospital is in Philly and with construction on 95 in three places, traffic, etc. it is an hour at best.

    He has been home and was on a pick line for a month. He still needs homecare to do his packing and bandaging every day.

    I am so behind, I will never catch up!

  42. I tried to start early, but it will still be down to the wire!

  43. I avoid holiday stress by being careful about my expectations.

  44. Love the fabrics!! Also love the Janie dress and peplum, too cute! Will be checking out the patterns! Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  45. I start really searly with my holiday sewing and even make lots of food ahead and freeze it so I can enjoy the holidays with my family

  46. Hmmm, not sure I’ve been that successful at it so far. Definitely this year I have shortened the list of handmade gifts. Previous years though I have been known to be finishing items off minutes before leaving the house on xmas morning.

  47. I don’t know as I have a few projects I would like to finish and I am wondering how I am going to get them done. They may be Valentine gifts.

  48. I just try and take it one stitch at a time!!

  49. I don’t plan any sewing for December…I inevitably do some, but I feel calmer knowing I don’t have to.

  50. What a great giveaway. Thanks. I love all the fabrics and patterns.

  51. What a lovely giveaway! And thanks for sharing Mose House; I may need a pattern or two!

  52. I try to work ahead on non sewing tasks around Christms so I can have big blocks of time to sew.

  53. Just in time! I hope I win! Happy Holidays!

  54. It doesn’t always work, but listening music helps me reduce stress!

  55. I love Bloomerie Fabrics.. I limit the stress of the holidays by trying to get as much done before Thanksgiving as possible by starting real early in the year..

  56. To help take my mind off all I have to do (besides my sewing of projects for gifts), I listen to books on tape while I sew. They really take me away from the stress of reality! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  57. I always try to start early but it seems like I always find something last minute that I just have to make for someone so I really don’t get away from the stress. LOL

  58. Love all your goodies and your blog!!

  59. I avoid the stress by doing things not too long to do , otherwise i start early. thanks for the giveaway , fingers crossed !

  60. I try not to do anything to complicated during the holidays. Keep it simple to keep your sanity and eyes on why we are celebrating this season

  61. I test sew throughout the year and gift my makes to help with stress during the Holidays! Thank You!

  62. I decided not to try to make much this year to avoid stress!

  63. thanks so much for the chance to win

  64. I’m still trying to figure out how to avoid the holiday sewing stress. I have a little Etsy shop that’s super busy during the holidays, so the best I can do is keep the family gifts simple. And make sure to spend time reading Christmas books with my kids every day – that helps me feel the Christmas spirit, plus it gets me much needed mom points

  65. I avoid holiday sewing by only finishing what I reasonably can. I always plan on handmade gifts for everyone, but it never quite works out that way. :) So I give myself time to make a last minute trip to the store to finish my gift list. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  66. I am not sewing as many things this year so to keep my stress low. I also started earlier!

  67. I usually sio tea and listen to music. Lucklily my family know that it will eventually get done so they take a rain check.

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