I can’t resist making Modern Folksy Bunny Sewing Kits!  It’s something I look forward to every spring.  My youngest, Marion, loves the Peter Rabbit stories.  My others were only moderately interested but she loves them.  Something about being naughty I think!  Although she is interested in the stories about Peter, Benjamin, (and that very naughty Squirel Nutkin), she likes how the very sweet Flopsy Mopsy and Cottontail look.  She always wants me to stop and admire their pretty pink shawls and sweet innocent faces.  So, this year I decided to change up the modern Folksy Bunny and give it a new look inspired by those sweet sisters of the more famous Peter Rabbit.



I changed the regular Modern Folksy Bunny Pattern quite a bit to create this version.  First, I changed the shape of the head by moving the dart to the center.  Then I made both ears face forward and created this sweet little face.  There is something so special about embroidering little faces and it really takes your handmade projects to the next level.  From a simple afternoon project to a family heirloom in my opinion!  In the altered pattern you get with this kit,  I provide lots of instruction (including links to very helpful video tutorials) to insure that you are successful at the embroidery.  No need to feel intimidated if you have never done embroidery before.  It is easier than you think and you will probably find that you love it.

IMG_6699The shawl is also a new creation and it adds a special touch for sure.  My girl loves playing and dressing her bunny with the shawl!  I think I will make her a few more so she can change it up.  It is a quick and easy sew with the pattern pieces included in the kit.   It took a lot of trails to get this shawl just right, but it was worth it since the fit is so nice 🙂

bunnyKitwithmaterialsAlthough I originally wanted to use linen, I decided to use this lovely Robert Kaufman Essex Linen Blend instead and I think it’s a better choice.  The essex blend gives the pretty look of linen (and is part linen!) but is much easier to sew with.  The pink shawl fabric is Art Gallery fabric and has that wonderful “art gallery feel.”  The fabric is smooth and easy to sew with, and has a lovely bright pink color and delicate white pattern.    The kit not only includes the fabrics, you will also receive yarn for the tail, interfacing for the ears,  and the embroidery floss for the bunny face.  Visit my shop to get your Modern Folksy Bunny Spring 2017 Kit today!

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