HST Quilted Pillow Tutorial Video

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HST Quilted PillowHave you been nervous to try quilting?  This is the project for YOU!  Or perhaps just looking to try something new (but really this is OLD) ?  This new tutorial over on my Youtube channel is an easy and modern twist on the classic Lamoyne star quilt block.  This block has been around a very long time!  Some theories link it to Versailles and others to the LeMoyne Brothers and the beginnings of New Orleans.  Cool, right?  It is also called the Lemon Star in New England.

This new video teaches you an easy way to make perfect Half Square Triangles (HST) called the magic 8.  I am also not responsible for inventing the magic 8 either 🙂  I wish I knew who to give credit, because it is a brilliant and easy way to make HSTs.  Watch below and make your own…

As discussed in the video, here is a “map” to help you create your pillow.  Click on the blue letters to download the PDF and print, or you can just use your phone or tablet to view.

LeMoyne Block

Lemoyne Block

I would love to see how YOU would mix it up!  I am looking forward to adding some serious color to this project 🙂 . Here is one more photo of the pillow in action in my home…

Quilted Pillow DIY on gray chair



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  2. Thanks for share. Amazing!

  3. Is it possible to do this in a 12 x 12 pillow

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