Now that I have been sewing for myself and for my business for 10 years (i can’t believe it has been that long!) I find myself forgetting those early days when a simple sewing project could turn tedious and frustrating. I remember thinking, “I love this but it is just so hard when things go wrong!” Remember how things almost always went wrong at the beginning?

I realize my goal is to inspire people to sew- to start and try and accomplish simple projects. I do have some PDF sewing patterns for more advanced sewists, but my patterns are really oriented toward beginners and advanced beginners. In my newest video, I talk about 8 tips to make sewing more fun and less frustrating. An excellent topic! Click on the picture below to watch the video…

For you experienced sewing friends, you may already know these tips. I would LOVE for you to add your tips below so that you can help beginners have more fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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