Reversible Tunic & Child Labor

September 23, 2010

Another pattern by dmkeasywear called the reversible tunic.  This is day 4 of KCWC by Elsie Marley.  I made this in size 4 and it fits Anne really well.  Elsie is going to be mad that I haven't made her anything yet but seriously, that girl is so picky that anything I make for her is worn once and then never seen again.  

Here it is on the hanger…

and in reverse on the hanger…

 We went to Lowes today and Anne got a kid size rake to help me in the yard.  So, in 84 degree weather, here she is happily modeling while doing child labor in the yard…

 and in reverse…

 I think the light side is not the best for her skin color but it matched the orange so there! 

About the sewing~  The pattern was really nice.  Lots of pictures and not too many words which i really liked.  I was amazed and so please that the arms all came together so easily!  The fabrics are vintage from thrift shops and estate sales.  I can't even remember now since I have had them awhile!  

I have been wanting to make something vintage looking since I scanned this picture my mom gave me awhile back~

Scan 5
That's me in the snoopy jumper.  My sister and brother and best childhood friend Christine are with me.  

Hopefully working on something for my boy soon!


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