Fairies, Intruders, Truth & Agenda

October 13, 2010

I often go over in my head the reasons I am doing this whole blog thing.  One of the main reasons is for a journal of sorts and that it will be fun to show my kids one day.  This one is for my big girl Elsie.

The kids built an elaborate fairy house the other day.  This is not something I did as a kid but something we learned here at camp with my husband's family.   UPDATE!  A fairy house is a little "house" your kids build out of things they find in the woods- bark, sticks, moss, grass clippings, etc.  Usually they make them in a stump or by a tree.  They pretend the fairies will come live there.

The weather was perfect and we took a walk to collect acorns. I felt like creative mother of the year, and here is the creation…

This took a lot of effort and excitement.  



Elsie was very VERY proud and wanted to show me everything.  Next, an intruder came along.

He likes to be in on the action. 

She is very nice at first until some damage happens…

and then some indignation…


The next morning the fairy house was ruined and there was much drama in the house.  WHY WOULD THIS HAPPEN!  I KNOW THE KITTY DID IT!  THE FAIRIES WILL NEVER COME NOW!  EVERYTHING IS RUINED! Tears and more tears.

The discussion about fairies keeps coming up and frankly I am getting conflicted about my answers.  I say "yes they will come.  Yes they like you.  I think they are the size of butterflies.  They come at night and you can't see them."  How far do I take this?  The fairy thing is cute and all but I think I need to come clean.  Do you see that face up there?  She knows I am making stuff up and is looking right through me.  Listen up fairies, your days are numbered.  


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