Taking Lessons

October 8, 2010

I looked at the made-by-rae post about taking good pictures of your creations.  I love how her pictures really pop and although sometimes I am able to make this happen by some miracle if all the stars line up, I need all the help I can get!  The weather has been so drab here that I certainly needed some help to get my pictures looking brighter..  

I promptly went to Michaels and bought the 2 foam boards that she recommended.  Ah hem, I even paid full price with out a coupon!  This is a big deal for me since I am known as a cheap sake.

Here is the result~


Bright!  Cute!  Professional!  Thank you Rae!  You wouldn't even know that this is propped up in my living room on the ironing board with my iron!


I also survived this trip to Michaels by buying the kids a pack of 100 pipe cleaners in all sorts of colors. I thought the girls would really be the ones playing with them but it turns out that Cal can build lots of "machines" with pipe cleaners.  Cute.


Lastly,  I actually cooked something good last night!  My dinners have been a flop lately which is no surprise since I make little effort.  We have a friend who delivers eggs to us every week.  Here they are featured on my new professional foam boards!


Lovely!  When we get an egg back up in the fridge I usually make my own slacker version of a fritatta.  Last night's was the best by far.  Here is the recipe~

10 eggs, 2/3 cup cottage cheese, heaping tablespoon of pesto

Turn the oven on to 375.  Whisk them all up & pour into a buttered sauce pan. Cook on medium high on stove top for 6-8 minutes until the lower half is firm. Then put it in the oven for 6-8 more minutes until the top is firm.  Let cool for a couple minutes and cut up like a pie.  YUMM!


Kids even liked it (for the most part…)!

Lastly, thank you for nice comments about the pumpkin tutorial. 


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