Planting Daffodils and Giveaway!

November 1, 2010

2 posts in one day!  I am so relieved Halloween is over that this may be the most productive day of my life! I have talked to several friends who have no idea how to plant a daffodil.  This post is for you.  Also, I am going to fill a box up a $5 priority mail box full of daffodil bulbs and send to a commenter who wants to try it out. 

In the spring I was so happy to see a bed of daffodils in the yard.  They were in a really out of the way place though so after the leaves turned yellow and started to die back in June, I dug them out.  I put them in a box in the garage and now it is time to plant!


 That cat is always in the mix.  Daffodils are awesome for so many reasons.  Deer do not eat them, they come back every year for like a hundred years, they are bright and cute when the weather is just starting to get nice and everything else is still brown (at least here in PA).

First thing you do is get a little shovel called a trowel and dig a hole about 6-8 inches deep.  You can use a regular shovel too.


Next get your bulb out.  You will put the bulb in with the pointy side up and the few little roots pointing down.  Put it down in the hole.


 Put it down in the hole.


Cover it up & pat down the soil.  Done!!!!!

Here are some extra pictures of Anne planting the bulb.  See?  Even a four year can do it.

 and filling the soil back in…


Put your soil and mulch back over it to cover it for the winter

 in the spring you will have a pretty daffodil!  

As shown in the first picture, I have plenty to share!  You should really plant in a group to get that pretty look.   You can win the box of daffodils by leaving a comment here.  It will probably be about 20 bulbs or more.  I will ship to the USA or Canada.  Tell your gardening friends about the giveaway if you aren't interested so that these daffodils go to a good home!


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