This little boy doesn’t care about sewing equality for all…

January 15, 2011

I know I am not the only one to say this, but I almost never sew for boys.  I get requests to make things for boys and I kinda cringe since I know I will have to search and search through my fabrics to find something that is boyish enough and not ugly or boring.  Usually I just say no, but about 2 weeks ago, 2 different people requested items made for boys.  AH HA!  An opportunity to buy fabric!  I  bought some Henry Alexander 2D zoo I had been eying up and added some plaid and solids for a cute combination.

I set up to take a picture of my newly made crayon art folio and art caddy tote and Cal happened to be walking by.  I noticed that he matched the photo shoot.  So, I asked him to come over and look at the things I made.  I figured he might pick up the crayon hold and try to take out the paper pad.  Not so!  It was hilarious.  He is TOTALLY un interested in anything I sew for him.  

I had to ask him to touch a crayon so it at least looked like he liked this "boy" stuff.  He agreed but only if he got to keep holding his new zamboni and steeler beads.  

I said, "drop your beads and zamboni in the bag and get them out."  He looked at me like I was crazy.  Why in the world would he put his new beads in that silly bag?  I said "I'll look at the new tractor catalog with you if you put the beads in the bag and then take them out."

In an ad, the caption would read  "This little boy just can't wait to check out what is in this adorable zoo fabric art caddy!"

  I am hoping the artist bug will hit him soon.  Right now his favorite thing to play with is his big plastic sword and a discarded bungie cord.  The latter has to be taken away from time to time since he tries to swing it at people.  No matter!  He is my baby and I love all this about him.  Moments after this rejection of my sewn items, that quirky little fellow had me wrapped around his finger as we gazed over the new tractor catalog and he told me all the different types of machinery and brands of tractors he likes best.

Here are more pictures of these 2 cute items…


This fabric was super stinking cute.  I can't wait to make more items from it.  Maybe a lunch box and an extra crayon holder to go in the shop.  Do you have favorite boy fabrics that you love?  I also like this vintage car fabric and this guitar fabric too.


But honestly, don't start expecting to see the boy stuff hanging around here.  My girly fabrics are here to stay!  But who knows?  A few primary colors here and there aren't going to hurt anything, right?



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