Colored Pencil Organizer Pattern

February 16, 2011

I have been pretty down with the weather and the sick kids but I did manage to have a productive few hours a couple of days ago.  I applied to do The Handmade Arcade down in Pittsburgh in April and I decided to go ahead and start making some things to sell.  Last year the crayon folios were a hit so I cut some of those and then I thought about changing it up to make colored pencil holders.  I had an “AHA!” moment  and realized that the On the Go Organizer would really work much better!

Often I look at my pile of fabrics and I can’t decide for the life of me which to use and what combinations will look good, etc.  But on this day, I was a decision making pro!  I just pulled out fabric after fabric and went to town making these cuties.


I thought of making this into a new pattern and I actually started making one up.  I drew this cute title…

 And I took pictures of the last one I made in detail.  Then, while I was on step one in the instructions, I thought “Surely someone else has thought up this super simple project” and decided to google it.  No big surprise!  Here is one by RedRobin.  and another by Skiptomylou ~ Cute with the jeans, no?

I really wasn’t all that disappointed.  I was more excited that I used the On the Go Organizer pattern to make something new.  It makes me think about using my other patterns for new purposes.  I have always wanted to make the owls into kids totes or back packs and knew that the Love Your Lunch Box could be enlarged to make a cute messenger bag or laptop cover.   Check out this baby doll diaper bag made from the Love Your Lunch Box pattern!  So cute!


If you already bought this pattern, I made this by just using a solid piece of fabric for the outside cover but the same dimensions.  Then, I used a piece of natural colored canvas for the inside piece of fabric (but any fabric would do, I just had this around and I got to skip the fusible interfacing step!)  I didn’t put the little pockets on.  I marked the center inside, sewed down to the bottom and sewed down every 1.25″ to make my colored pencil pockets.  Everything else is the same as the On the Go Organizer pattern!  So simple.  


What do you guys think?  Have you had “AhA! moments and switched around a pattern (not necessarily mine!) to make something new and great?  Do you have ideas about what I could do to give any of my patterns a new purpose?    

Leave a comment here and on Monday, February 21st, I’ll randomly choose a commenter to win the On The Go Organizer pattern.  (Or, a different pattern if you already have that one!)  I am looking forward to hearing the thoughts of you creative ladies!

Giveaway now closed!  The winner has been contacted.  Thanks for your comments!


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