Blog Surfing- Keeping it Real

March 31, 2011

Do you ever find yourself spending WAY too much time looking at blogs?  Craft blogs can be extremely addictive and swallow up hours of time that I should be paying attention to my kids, cleaning the house, gardening, exercising, sewing, etc.  There is something about the wealth of information and the happy feeling you get when you find something beautiful and interesting.  For me, I am hoping to get inspired and motivated, get creative tips on parenting, and feel a connection with other women out there living a life similar to my own.   Here are a few blogs that I love…

The very first blog I visited regularly and I still do is WeeWonderfuls by Hillary Lang.  I think I have made like 10 or 12 Archie & Olive dolls as gifts and they were always well loved.  Here is a picture of one her beautiful dolls…

I like how Hillary collects vintage cuteness, sews up her adorable dolls, embroiders, shares her success and failed attempts.  She is crafty cool for sure! 

Next I always check in with Amy Karol of AngryChicken.  Amy is smart, creative and funky.  Although her style is often different from my own, I really enjoy how resourceful, kind, and interesting she is.  Always something new to learn on Angry Chicken!  I bought her book a few years ago and have done tons of her projects.   It is excellent for beginners who want to make something useful but not too complicated.


House on Hill Road is another blog that I have followed since I first got into sewing.  Erin Harris sews, knits, photographs & decorates so well.  Her color choices are beautiful.  Her twirly skirt tutorial was the first successful clothing item I made for my girls.  


  Here is a list of some of the others that I visit regularly…

Lotsofpinkhere– my friend Amy who sews beautifully and has opened a fabric shop recently

LittleBigGirlStudio– my friend Vanessa who has great style, knowledge & makes great sewing projects

MorrowFreshFarms– another friend, Kristi, who lives on her family farm and shares her gardening tips and adventures

FamiliarLight– my sis in law Jennifer Stein, who just started blogging & is sharing her stories and has REALLY good photography tips!

Made by Rae– Rae is cute, funny, smart and sews great.

AnnaMariaHorner– bright, beautiful, and an excellent story teller.   I have actually cried reading some of her posts about family.

I look at tons of other blogs.  Although I admit that I often have to pull myself away. Sometimes blog overload can make me feel diminished instead of inspired and I suddenly get the feeling my creativity isn't good enough. I have been trying to keep it down to about 10 minutes a day recently.   When I fist had my kids and starting sewing I probably spent over an hour a day looking at blogs!  I couldn't get enough and I learned so much.

What about you?  Do you ever get blog overload?  What are the blogs that you have been looking at for a long time and find yourself always coming back to?  I want to hear about it!  What is it about these blogs that makes us so interested?  


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