Productivity and the LYLB Winners

July 26, 2011

The pattern winners are choosen!  They are Leah, thewench, & Charlotte.  I'll be emailing you with the pattern later this morning.  Did you all read all the great info about packing lunches in the comments section the last post?  I loved it!  I am going to try packing some tortilla rolls, hummus, veggies & dip, and leftovers this year for sure.  You guys are MUCH better lunch packers than me!

Now, don't be overly impressed with my productivity but I have opened another etsy shop that will feature my items that are already sewn up and ready to go.

 The following pictures may lead you to believe that I can rewrite patterns and sew up 16 new items with little effort and 3 children in tow but, sadly, this is not true.  The items were done months ago (for the handmade arcade!) and now I am finally putting them in this new shop.

Screen shot 2011-07-25 at 10.01.23 AM
I realized that when I posted a sewn item in my regular etsy shop, it was hidden by all the pattern action, so I thought this would be a better solution.  No sales yet but I have gotten several requests to make special orders.  I am such a grump though that I hate special orders- all that emailing back and forth and then being under the gun to get it done in a reasonable amount of time.  I know, I am such a baby!  Anywho, if you want to make special orders of my patterns, email me and I will send these fine customers your way and then everyone will be happy!  

To give myself a little pat on the back for opening the etsy shop (that I was supposed to do months ago), I decided to make a new pillow for myself!

Pretty funky , huh?  I basically copied Erin's pillows from her PIllow week.  I have been thinking about those pillows for months!  Mine is not a dresden plate though like hers, it's a sunflower pattern which I thought was fitting for this time of year, no?   My living room is really in need of some sprucing and this is now a bright spot for sure!

I really struggled with finding a good color combination and then just finally stopped fussing and chose some fabrics.  I find that telling myself " Stop trying so hard and just choose some fabric you ninny!" helps when I am struggling with fabric combination anxiety (otherwise known as FCA).  How do you all deal with FCA?

Guess how I was able to open the new etsy shop and make this pillow for myself this weekend?  Where were my 3 children you may ask??  Well it was 95 degrees outside and they were making some big bucks at the end of the driveway.  Don't worry, I didn't let them out there until after 4:00 or so.

I am thinking they need a cutesy lemonade stand like this.  They drink A LOT of their product though, so usually the little one is sent in every 20 minutes or so for refills.  We live on a country road and almost every car stops and visits.  I can watch from my computer and sewing machine inside.  It is so stinking cute to watch them talk to the neighbors.  

Lastly, I made the front page of etsy this week!  Don't mean to brag but my mom really needs to see this since I am her daughter and I know this will make her feel all proud and happy.  Plus, what a beautiful treasury and the colors just make me happy.  I have never done an etsy treasury but I always admire people who can do them well like this lady!Fp_21950

Thank you Vanessa for finding the image since I missed it!  


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