Re Vamp #4- Love Your Lunch Box Rises Again!

July 21, 2011

July 21st and I have gotten 4 of my patterns rewritten with brighter, bigger pictures, clearer instructions, and better graphics.  I am getting a little tired of sitting at my computer every free moment!  My background music is kids yelling, and I have to get up every few minutes to refill cups of juice, wipe bottoms, and give cuddles when they fall off their bikes and fight with each other.  BUT, I finally finished another the Love Your Lunch Box!  And it's pretty durn good.

There are a few differences in the new pattern which kinda fix up the old favorite.  The first is the omission of the water bottle holder- after using this lunch box for Elsie for 2 years, I realized it just wasn't practical.  Because of the boxy shape, the bottle just doesn't really move around all that much- especially if you just a tupperware sandwich container like I do.  Aren't using a reusable sandwich container?  Come on friends!  It's so much easier and you no longer will have smooshed sandwiches.

Next, the velcro is now added to the flap before it is all sewn together.  Just a detail but it looks a little nicer.  

I also added a layout for fabric cutting to help you have less fabric waste which was something new for me to figure out and I kinda liked it!  Geometry rocks!  

After making this many times for friends, my own children, and to sell, I switched over to insulbrite batting to keep the lunch a little cooler longer.  I can't vouch for this working personally but Elsie says she thinks it helps (maybe an unreliable source since she's 7) but what I really like about it is the extra structure it gives the bag.  It's a bit harder to work with but worth the extra quality it gives your finished product.

Next, instead of recommending oil cloth for the interior, I recommend using laminated cotton or cotton canvas in the interior of the bag.  It turns out that oil cloth comes in a variety of weights- from very stiff to an easily ripped, thin mexican oil cloth.  The laminated cotton is dreamy to work with but expensive.  The cotton canvas is great since it makes the bag since and sturdy and can be washed easily.  You can choose what works best for your bag!

Last, I added a bonus pattern of a handy snack bag as part of the lunch box pattern.  These are fast and simple!  You can make a bunch at once to use all year long.  These are not a new idea but to have a simple version right with your lunch box pattern is nice and convenient!  We usually spend an afternoon before school starts picking out fabrics and making a bunch of these together.

Snackbag title
Now it's time for the giveaway!!!!  3 commenters will receive the new pattern (the Love Your Lunch Box & bonus snack bag).  In the comment, I would love to hear about what you pack your child or yourself for lunch!  I need all the help I can get on that front since lunch packing variety becomes a problem over here pretty quickly once school starts!  The giveaway will be open until some time Monday, July 25th.  

Also, if you already bought the old version in the past,  email me (through that little button on the top of the blog) if you want the 75% off coupon for this new version.  You don't have to give me proof (like with the crayon folio giveaway) since I realized already have your email on file if you bought it!  


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