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April 19, 2012

Yeah!  I just finished posting all my vintage linens in my gingercake shop.  That baby is sorely neglected since I love to thrift but don't really love to list.  I don't know why- etsy has made listing a LOT easier.  It's just all those dang tags!!!  Etsy shop ladies know what I am talking about- right??

These 2 awesome pillowcase sets sold quickly!

IMG_1759 IMG_1761

I just read this excellent post on thrifting if any of you are interested.  A great read and really good tips.  It is true that small town thrifting can be A LOT more successful especially for vintage sheets and retro finds.  Cute kid clothing?  Not so much.

Cal is a great companion at the thrift shop although I admit that my time is pretty short.  Another reason I rarely go into the clothing section- he just doesn't have the patience.  Once he has found his .50 cent truck/ army man/ sword/ tractor, he is ready to go!  But I have plenty of time to cruise through the sheets, crafts & knick knacks.

Here are 3 adorable 40s/ 50s apron patterns I found some months ago~


If only I looked that cute in an apron!  And here is some amazing fabric that I thinking about making an apron from.  I have 10 yards of this fabric!!

The fabric actually came from another vendor when Karen and I did the Fleatique last summer.  It was her mother's and although I wish I could use it myslef, it is just not going with my turquoise, yellow & red thing I have going on in my kitchen.  

I also regularly find bunches of rick rack, elastic, bias tape, and fabric that I use for trials and kids clothes.  What about you?  Are you visting your thrift store?  

My VERY BEST FIND EVER were these 2 chairs that I realize I never shared here…

Those are 2 original Charles Eames/ Herman Miller chairs.  I bought them for $2 each about a year ago.  I knew they were valuable but not until I got home and looked up their history did I actaully feel guilty for paying so little for them.  

Honestly, Cal and I usually find a whole lotta nothing at the thrift store but some days seem to be non stop treasure!!  Check out my shop if you are interested in any of these items (ahem- not the chairs though!).

Lastly, next week I am going to try the Kids Clothing Week Challenge again!  Who wants to join?  I need to make some PJ pants, shorts and simple dresses.  NOTHING fancy- just a couple of easy useful things that I have been putting off and need to be done!




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