Confessions of a Photography Faker

January 25, 2015

photography faker

That’s right!  I am a faker when it comes to photography.  I have not taken the time to really learn.  I did read half of my manual for my new (used) Rebel T3i but promptly forgot everything I learned and fell back in my same old faker habits.   What are these habits?

  • I only use my nice camera in settings where I know my photo will turn out well
  • I DO have my setting on manual but I NEVER change the settings because they scare me
  • I have gotten really lazy and use my Iphone more than my nice expensive (for me) camera.
  • I cannot shoot indoors unless it is by my very large windows in my living room (this means all winter birthday and christmas morning is shot with an iphone even though I have a really nice camera!)

Do those things sound familiar to you?  My very talented photographer sister in law taught me my basic tricks and I have been too lazy and afraid to learn more.  But NO MORE!  Last night I stayed up until 1:00 in the morning (since my house was finally quiet) and I watched this ecourse by Shoot Fly Shoot that is part of the Ultimate DIY Bundle.  Holy Smokes you guys!  Why have I been such a baby all these years about learning about my camera?  This stuff is not rocket science after all…

Photography_101_Banner Josh_Kev_Collage

First of all- those 2 guys who teach the course are adorable with their gentle southern accents and hipster tee shirts.  Second, they are really good instructors!  I am so excited to finally use my nice camera with confidence.   The course is broken down into 10 or so short videos so you can watch in segments.  Honestly I would recommend watching it all within a few days so you don’t lose any of the information- then go back and watch for refreshers if you want.  This class is $67 on it’s own so having it part of this $34.95 bundle is pretty amazing.

Another photography resource in the bundle that I read through and REALLY liked was Say NO to Auto.  This ebook is only 18 pages long and gives you a really good and simple guide to taking photos in manual in certain scenarios.  Lazy ole me has been looking for this for YEARS!  Now that I have binge watched the  Photography 101  ecourse, I feel more confident to figure it out myself but I think combining Kristen Duke’s recommendation and my new ecourse knowledge is goning to give me the boost I need to take my photography to the next level.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 10.07.14 AM


There are other photograpy resources available in the Ultimate DIY bundle- including Spaghetti Shots, and Snapping Shelter Dogs & Cats and Printable Photo Checklists whch look really nice and helpful too.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 10.58.26 AM

I would like to invite you to take advantage of these great resources too.  If you purchased these five photography resources individually, the cost would be $91.98 for all five, but as part of the Ultimate DIY Bundle, you get them ALL plus 69 other ebooks about sewing, decor, scrapbooking and crafts for only $34.95.  That is pretty great!  This deal is ending TOMORROW and then it will be gone forever.  I am really enjoying it personally and I think you would like it too!  Click below to get more information or click on the “buy now” if you are ready to go ahead and make your purchase.


P.S.  This is an affiliate program and I do get commission for selling this bundle.  I honestly think it is great and would be helpful to you or I would not be recommending it.   Here is a link for FAQ and here is the link for the Fine Print about the bundle.  Please email me to chat more about this affiliate program works and how I am compensated if you would like to know.


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