Pattern Feature: The Art Caddy Tote

November 3, 2019

One of my most popular PDF Sewing Patterns is the Art Caddy Tote. I created this pattern for my own kids back when their crayons, markers, glue sticks, scissors, coloring books and papers were all over my house. What is an art loving (yet semi neat nick) mom to do? I really didn’t want to yell at them (even though I did a few times regretfully) about creating artwork. The desk area I created for them was not working. Kids wants to be able to do their coloring wherever mom was 🙂 I realized they needed to be able to pack up their supplies and bring them along to the best place to create. I also needed to be able to pack it up and put it away. The result was the ART CADDY TOTE!

art crayon marker bag

I had so much fun creating that pattern. Do you know the best part? IT WORKED!!! Yes, truly. My kids lugged those caddies around and then packed them up to haul to the next location of their choice. They loved having a spot for everything and I loved that it kept things (when some help by mom) more organized.

I think this is the reason this pattern has continued to be one of my most popular over the years- it really does work. Another great thing about this art tote? It is super cute! All those pockets are really fun for coordinating fabric. Check out this one below posted by Sarai on Instagram using art gallery fabrics…

The Art Caddy is about 10” x 8.5” x 5”. It uses about 1 yard total of mixed cotton prints. It also requires fusible interfacing and ultra firm interfacing (i use this one). The handles can be made with

You can also orient the caddy especially for the child. Here is one I made for my son that was perfect for him and i loved how it looked too!

art supply tote for boys

I try really hard to keep the materials needed for my sewing patterns simple and easy to find. I have personally bought patterns before and never made the project after I saw the list of special and mysterious supplies required. After receiving some emails about the ultra firm stabilizer, I decided to try another version without it. Although I really like how it makes the bag stiff enough to stand on its own, some of my customers didn’t like the expense or the extra steps needed to use it. So, I made a “soft” version of the Art Caddy that turned out just as cute. This one is used by my youngest and as much as I love the original, this version is also a practical and fantastic bag!

crayon coloring oraganizer bag
kids art supply bag sewing pattern

This soft version uses only regular fusible interfacing- pellon 931TD. Check out this blog post to see the changes I made.

Lots of people use the Caddy for other purposes than just art supplies! Many of my customers write to me that they are making caddies to hold their own crafts, for Bible journals, and for desk organizers. You guys are all so clever! What would you use an art caddy for?

This pattern is really fun to make for yourself, family members and friends. It makes a fantastic birthday or holiday gift. I had someone tell me how they made it into easter baskets once! It also is great to take along on road trips and family vacations to keep your little one happy in a creative way that doesn’t require a screen 🙂

The Art Caddy Tote was created way back in 2011. Since then I have gotten lots of positive feedback and reviews. I can tell you confidently that this pattern has been made by hundreds of Gingercake customers! Here are just a few reviews…

It feels great to have all this good info about the Art Caddy Tote Bag sewing pattern here in one place! Leave a comment here or email me with questions. Please visit my shop for more details and to purchase the pattern!


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