Vintage Inspired Dinner Roll Holder Tutorial

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We always did a pretty fancy Thanksgiving at our house growing up.  One of my favorite parts was helping to set the table the day before before the main event.  Mom would bring out her china, polish the silver, and iron the linens.  She must have washed all the linens first and then set about to iron (mom, you can correct me later about this!) because I loved watching her transform things from wrinkly lumps to beautifully pressed fancy linens.  My favorite by far was the fabric dinner roll holder.   I had forgotten about this until I found one at an antique store and bought it up quick.  I used it as a template to make my own.


UPDATE!  I made a Youtube video to show how to make this great project…

I had this adorable Sandi Henderson fabric that I knew would be perfect for the Thanksgiving table and I mixed it with some vintage fabric I have around.


See?  Cute!  You can get the free tutorial here

Download Vintage Inspired Dinner Roll Holder

I love the thought of taking these full of yummy homemade dinner rolls as a hostess gift.  Actually, I would probably just make a cute roll holder and buy some dinner rolls!

This is the original roll holder that I found in the antique shop.

Here is a vintage one that I have in my gingercake Etsy shop.

Red roll holder

Love that rick rack!   A friend suggested using it to organize sewing stuff too.  All those little pockets are so fun.  Did any of you have these at your Thanksgiving table?  Do you now?  I would love to hear your stories about them!

If you make one and want to show it off, I would love for you to add it to my Gingercake tutorials Flickr page here.


Hmmm.  I think I may need a matching table runner and some pretty napkins too!


  1. those are awesome!!! I have never seen one before but I may have to make one now (to put my buttons in)! 🙂

  2. I tried to download the tute and it tells me that an error occoured. Any Ideas?

  3. I love those things. I don’t remember using them for rolls but do remember putting all kinds of little things in them.

  4. I love it! You could sell these on etsy!

  5. I loved seeing this as I have one that was my Grandmother’s. I have used hers as a pattern to make more. Hers was a light blue with lace around the edges, close to the white one you have shown.

  6. This is so cool!! I linked to your tutorial over on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  7. These are great for jewelry, especially when traveling.

  8. Seeing this I suddenly remember playing with one of these as a small child. Can’t remember if it was my Mother’s or Grandmothers but never knew what it was for! Thanks for the tutorial, I may need to make one.

  9. this is soooo cool to let it return! I have one for xmas my mom made years ago… I think I will make my sisters one for their xmas presents…Thanx for sharing!

  10. Thanks for sharing this. I feel like I’ve been missing something by never hearing of these before! I’m including them in my Friday Favorites tomorrow!

  11. Those are insanely adorable!!! I’ll have to make that for Christmas (our Canadian Thanksgiving is over). 🙂

  12. beautiful – we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in NZ but I do remember those dinner roll holders from the early 90s. This would make the perfect gift for my cousin – thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Straight from Grandmother’s table…these are awesoem! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I tried the tutorial today and it’s great. I love it. Now I have one more thing to add to the Christmas gift list 🙂

  15. as soon as I find the charger for my camera I’ll snap some pictures and add them. thanks so much for sharing the tutorial. I was so excited how quickly it went together.

  16. The roll holders you made are very nice and I appreiciate you sharing with us. I made one tonight and it turned out very nice. However, I have never saw one of these in use, and am wondering if rolls are placed in the bottom pockets also. Could someone please email me if you know Thanks.

  17. I bought your Love Your Lunchbox pattern a while back and just love it. Can’t wait to try this one!!

  18. Thanks for the memories!! I’m old enough to remember these – my grandmas and aunts had them … I remember I got to put the wonderful hot home-baked rolls in & carried to the table.
    Those were the days of real sit-down Sunday dinners and great holiday meals – with the good china, tablecloths & cloth napkins set out …

  19. ust stumbled upon this and I am totally inspired. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this but I can’t wait to make one or two for one of our fancy family dinners.

  20. I saw one of these in a local thrift store recently and did not know what it was used for. Thanks for letting me know and now I will have to make one.

  21. I recently read your post and had never seen a dinner roll holder before. I saw one in a thrift shop and immediately I knew what it was since I saw yours. It was only 50 cents, so I had to get it. The vintage fabric is too cute.

  22. It says this is a free pattern yet I can not download, why?

  23. totally cute . . .I may like to make one . . now if I can only keep my projects down to 100 things. .. .

  24. I enjoyed using this tutorial very much! Thanks for your hard work writing it!


  25. I have one that my mom got for me in St. Thomas or St. Lucia about 10 years ago…She was on a cruise, and went onshore, saw it, and thought I would like it…I am so happy to have found your tutorial, though, because I am not good at figuring out where to stitch!

    For those who were wondering, I put rolls in all the pockets! I have seen people use them, though, and only put rolls in the center….I just set mine on a plate or flat wicker tray, and fill it up! More rolls for everyone! 🙂

  26. Love this!! I bought an antique one once at an estate sale and did not have it when I got home – must have left it on the table. Thanks for this tute!!!

  27. love your ideas

  28. I have always liked the idea of the dinner role holder but was never really excited about the white linen or cotton vintage ones. Your fabric choices are beautiful and much nicer. Thanks for the pattern.

  29. Thank you for having a pattern I seem to have lost. Mine added ties to the center so it would lie flat. I used them for gifts and everyone really liked the holders for their rolls. Never thought to use one for sewing supplies. Thank you for the ideas and the pattern.

  30. TOO funny! About a week ago, a co-worker brought one of these in with mini-muffins in it. I had NEVER seen one before, nor even heard of it. It was made of thin cotton fabric, with a lace trim, and had belonged to her grandmother! I got so excited I traced it off, and wrote out directions for myself immediately. NOW here it is! SO EXCITED! For Christmas I plan on giving a set to my sis-in-laws that include one of these, an apron, and a casserole cover – all from the same fabrics! Thanks for sharing

  31. This is so cool! Thank you so much for sharing!

  32. I couldn’t get the download for the Vintage Roll Holder. Can you send it in an e-mail?

  33. Love this! Just made one for my sister-in-law and am looking for excuses to make more. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  34. I only wish there was a pattern for the spacing I could print out, apparently I’m am challenged when it come to making 6th’s. Once I get one done I use it for others but if/when I give the last one away “ARGH” it takes me for ever to get it done again. I love them tho, they do make the coolest gifts! Thank you

  35. Thank you for sharing this with us this is wonderful i must make this

  36. Wonderful tute and love your fabrics. I’ll be making some for Christmas gifts and include a recipe for the rolls LOL along with the ingredients….
    Thank you!

  37. I have an original that I haven’t used in years but it was made so you could tie it together in the middle and when not in use it could lie flat in the drawer. It also made it easy to iron because they didn’t have a lot of no-iron material 50 years ago.

  38. Just love this dinnewr roll holder. Will have to make some for myself and childern.

  39. Just wondering how one would wash and press this once it was used. Do you think that the center folds would be better if eyelets (machine sewn) would be better there and ribbon put through so the whole thing would lie flat for ironing?


  40. Adorable. Love the new versions, but absolutely adore the vintage one!

  41. Yes, My mom had one and when her white lacy one became butter-stained, she made at least two more (I only remember two). My grandma called it a roll-warmer, but my mom renamed it roll-binkie (for blanket). When she made those, she actually sewed a flap on the top, it was only sewed on one side and kept the rolls warm longer. I only have the white stained one now, I don’t know what happened to the ones she made. Thanks for the memories! The BEE one is adorable!

  42. These are so cute! I especially love the one with rick rack, love the material used and the trim just really sets it off. I owned a bed, bath, and kitchen shop in NM back in the late 70s early 80s and we sold these. They were similar to the white one you found in an antique store. If you live long enough, every thing does come back around. As a good example: the pointy toed, high heel pumps you see today. Some of those are exactly like what we wore in the 60s and 70s. Have a great day, everyone!

  43. Thank you for this great tutorial! I loved making mine…

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  45. I love these tutorial. In my country we usually have that to put bread in the table meals. I use it with cookies when I have friends to have tea.

    A hug from Portugal

    Ana Lopes

  46. WHY can’t I download it? I have the latest version of Adobe and I never have had this problem downloading other tutorials. I think I have figured out that it is 3 circles but I would love to get the size needed.

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