Winter Caroler Tutorial, Kits to Make Her, and a Giveaway!

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I have been working on these forever!  Not that they are a lot of work, but I love them so much that I bring them out at night and embroider faces, or decide that I have to make another one out of more thrifted fabric that I have found.   They are so fun to make and my kids love them too~ they have a cute shape, little winter outfits, and since I weighted the bottom, they stand up no matter how you set them (or throw them with some reprimands by their mother) down.  The inspiration to make them came from this girl I found at a rummage sale 2 summers ago.  That's how long these have been in my head!

  I have made a group of carolers.  Usually I just do 2 or 3 of something before I move on to a new project, but you have to make a whole group of carolers, right?  I have like 4 more that don't have finished faces yet.  Travis thinks I may be going a little crazy for the carolers and some of these may have to be gifted to make room for other Christmas decorations.

 Won't they be cute on the mantel when all my Christmas decorations are out?  The cool thing about these is that they look great and are SO EASY!  Also, they are made from repurposed materials so we got that going for us too.  Here is the tutorial~

Download Caroler

I am going to be selling kits of the materials to make these in my ETSY shop. I have lots of extra since i bought yards of that nice red tweedy wool when I found it.  Hopefully I'll list those in the shop tomorrow.  In the shop now!  Leave a comment here telling me about any personal Christmas caroling experience you may have had (or lack there of and just say hi!) and I will choose a random commenter to send a Caroler kit for free!   It will include all the materials to make your own.  I'll choose the winner on Thursday, December 2nd.

The give away is closed and lovely commenter Sharon from TN won.  BUT, please still tell me about your caroling!  I am having lots of fun hearing about you!  

If you make one of these, please feel free to post a picture in my gingercake tutorials flickr group


  1. Such sweet faces and those little pompoms finish them off just perfectly.

    I was in choir in high school and we made many caroling trips to hospitals and senior centers. Most people were happy to see us or at least friendly, but a few elderly folks didn’t mince words letting us know they were lonely all year round, not just at the holiday season.

  2. Living in Western Australia where the weather rarely dips below 30 degrees Celcius (86 farenheit) at Christmas time, cuddled up carolers are one of those things that we only see in the movies. In fact carolling in general isn’t part of Christmas life here in Oz. These cute little carolers would bring a little bit of the fantasy white Christmas into my lounge room that I hope to experience one day.

  3. I remember caroling as a girl scout. We caroled in a parade where we were drowned out by a marching band or something like that. My favorite part was caroling at nursing homes.

  4. Very cute, love the tweeds and that aqua is gorgeous! 🙂

  5. Those are adorable! I have never caroled by my son will be caroling at the senior center next week with the cub scouts 🙂

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever gone caroling! Does singing in the French choir count? We sang carols for the university president one year…

  7. So sweet! I wish i could do faces – every time I try I end up with a slightly insane looking doll…

  8. We think they’re adorable!

  9. I found you through Jenny’s flicker project. I’m so happy to have found you.

    Your carolers are beautiful. My little five-year-old “carols” every time we go to Grandmommy’s house: when Grandmommy comes to the door, my daughter starts singing!

  10. I think they are adorable and I agree you do need to make a bunch to have carolers! My favorite caroler story would be the only one I have at the age of 50 something. Two years ago we were at my daughters and I always said that I never had carolers sing for me but when te kids were little we always did the caroling. So my daughter kept telling me she had a suprise for my husband and I this christmas eve and low and behold a fiend of hers and their group of carolers surprised us with our own private little show and I cried. What a warm holiday feeling that was. One I will never forget. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.

  11. These are precious. They remind me of when I was a kid. My mother would gather all the neighborhood kids together for Caroling practice. We must have had 20 kids in our house every Saturday. When our caroling day came, we’d hit the neighborhood singing. Mom would direct us and my father would tote a big wagon with hot cider and gingersnaps for all.

  12. Hi! I live in Houston, so there are never any carrolers.. =(
    But when I was a kid, my friends and I did actually go carroling once. We were about ten years old ,and there were four of us. We had just watched a Christmas movie that had caroling, and had never seen it in real life before, so we gave it a shot! I think we hit up about 6 houses before we decided to go back home. ha ha.. We didn’t have much luck, but it’s a fun memory!

  13. I love your site. I found you via “The Crafty Crow’s” Facebook page.

  14. Although I have always wanted to go carling, I have never had the opportunity! However, one Christmas eve, after my husband and I had been really ill throughout the year, we heard some singing outside our window and found some carolers singing away in our Nebraska winter cold. How beautiful it was! I love Christmas music anyway, but this was just so personal.
    I had no idea how to resond. Do you give out cookies and hot chocolate, donations, just smile? I had just purchased the candy canes to put on the tree and had just enough to share one with each caroler. So glad!
    What do you do when you find carolers? I still don’t know! Maybe candy canes are enough?!

  15. We would go caroling every Christmas and we lived in Florida..South Florida. As a youngster we would carol at the nursing homes and retirement home and it was usually a service project. We also caroled on Christmas eve with brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles and all the little children old enough to go and sing along. It was always fun and those folks we sang for always loved the happy faces and Christmas cheer. No need to respond to carolers except to say..”Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year”

  16. Love the look of the carolers, they remind me of going caroling here in Michigan, sometimes you are so cold that your teeth make their own music!!!

  17. Oh, adorable! I love their little O mouths! And caroling with my son’s preschool class is about the cutest thing ever – we go door to door into all the nearby stores and retaurants.

  18. My mother used to drag us around the neighborhood singing while strumming her guitar. I used to be mortified on the outside, but truthfully really enjoyed the singing. Boy do I wish this stuff happened more often.
    Thanks for the giveaway! The carolers are adorable.

  19. My father was burned severely, when I was in first grade. He made it home (quite prematurely and only for a few days) just so we could have Christmas. My mother always tells a caroling story about our neighbors who came to wish him a Merry Christmas and had no idea that he would have on very little clothing due to burns and skin grafts. Everyone had a good laugh, then and now.

  20. These carolers are the sweetest dolls – thank you so much for sharing your pattern and directions.

    Merry Christmas!!

    Helen Gillis
    Malden, MA

  21. Those dolls are beautiful! Thanks for a chance to win.

  22. These are very cute, and using recycled materials makes them even better. Our family usually sings carols to our neighbors as we make the rounds delivering holiday treats to them, and we all wear our Santa hats.

  23. Like Jacinta, no carolers in our part of the world either. Or Snow and winter woolies. We live down in Victoria, Australia and it is usually very hot here. But I love these dolls and love all white Christmas decorations. I will add this to my long list of things I must make one day. They are so cute. Thanks.

  24. These are adorable!! Thanks for sharing. I’ve got to make some!

  25. they look so warm in their woolen coats and scarves. cute

  26. She is soooo beautiful!! I love her warm winter coat and scarf, and that sweet, sweet face. I linked to your pattern (and kits) at Craft Gossip Sewing:

  27. I have never been carolling and you should all be thankful…..I can’t sing to save myself! Your carollers however are gorgeous and I would love to make them.

  28. These are so cute! We don’t do caroling here in my country either, but saw it done in the movies and love the idea.

  29. Oh these are so cute, I’m definitely going to have a go at making some.
    I’ve never been caroling, but I sing my fair share of carols just around the house, especially whilst doing the watching up.

  30. I saw you on craft gossip. They are beautiful! I think i’ll do one (flat) to my christmas tree!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  31. These are adorable!

  32. These are so cute! Thank you for a great tutorial. Just in time for my ornament swap.

  33. Very cute…I have put a link to you on my Freebis blog…thanks for sharing…hugs Khris

  34. These little Carollers are wonderful, we don’t have snow at Christmas here in Australia but we still appreciate all the Traditional Stuff. Thank you so much for this pattern, I would love to make it for a friend of mine who lives in America and does experience snow.

  35. Thanks very much i like this blog
    i dont know this
    i send a kiss from Argentina

  36. Thank you for sharing your pattern. They are darling!!

  37. Hello,
    Your carolers are so sweet. They just put a smile on my face! I’ve never been caroling yet but I’m sure my toddler will get me to do it sometime soon. He’s the only one so far who enjoys my voice 😉

  38. I have 5 sisters so we had our own choir, lol. We all loved to sing too, though we were not very good. Love the little carolers.

  39. merci c est sublime bises jojo

  40. So cute and they look a lot warmer than I ever did caroling. And I bet their noses never run in the cold either.

  41. I thought I left a comment the other day but can’t see it…I have posted about your tutorial on my Freebies blog…thanks for sharing it…Khris

  42. Thank you for this Tutorial! It´s just the perfect Idea for a little X-Mas present for my whole girlie friends! I put the link on my blog if you don´t mind!

  43. We often go caroling with our church to the shut in families. The families really appreciate it but we seem to enjoy the joy in their faces even more!

  44. Thank you for this tutorial ~ so fabulous and generous ~ I love them!

  45. Thank you for the tutorial…those are ADORABLE!

  46. These are so adorable! I love sewing but just recently taught myself hand sewing and I am really loving it. I machine sew lots but hand sewing just seemed like it would take so much time. I was missing the point…the joy comes from making the project not getting it done!

  47. That is just adorable. I used to be in the choir nad we caroled for a group of sick kids in a hospital. That will always be an experience I will never forget.

  48. I love the carolers! thank you for sharing the pattern!

  49. These are the cutest! Thank you for taking the time to make and share the tutorial for them!

  50. My family goes caroling around the neighborhood every Christmas Eve, since I was a small child, so I have lots of stories to tell. My favorite year, though, was when there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground, it was just below freezing (so not too cold), and big snowflakes started to fall. The world was hushed, white, and glittering in the light of our railroad lanterns and candles. Then a car pulled up and Santa got out! He pointed to a nearby house and asked if we would sing there. There was a big party going on, with lots of children. We started with Joy To The World, then Deck the Halls, and finally Santa Claus Is Coming To Town… and Santa came around the corner and up the steps & into the house. Oh, the kids were screaming and excited! That must have been 30 years ago and I still treasure the memory.

  51. Thank you very much for the post. This is really great. Thanks for info, dear. Keep it up.

  52. They are so cute! Thanks for the tutorial! I uploaded my pictures in your flickr-group.
    Have a nice Christmas!
    Greetings from Germany
    Mara Zeitspieler

  53. caroling, ah a subject close to my heart. I caroled a few times as a teenager in my neighbourhood. Was surprised when a family invited us in for wine!
    Anyhow, many, many years later, I now work for a talent agency as a christmas caroler! We get hired as quartets and wear Old fashioned costumes with capes and head doilies. Each time you sing, it’s with a different group of caroler. We sing at private parties, malls, seniors homes, corporate events, even the zoo! We a lot of different people! I love when they are so appreciative and make requests. It’s been 17 years I’ve been doing this! I used to be the young one. lol
    guess who’ll be looking more into making these creatures!
    thanks for sharing

  54. Me encantaron estas muñecas! Apenas pueda voy a hacer una…para empezar!
    Gracias por el tutorial!

  55. you have done such a good job,hip hip hooray i love them.
    cheers Sheryl

  56. I love your carollers! I’m adding them to my sewing list – they’re too cute too resist.

    I was wondering if I could ask you for help? I want to upload a tutorial to my blog using pdf format and wondered how you did yours. Yours looks so professional and is a brilliant way of sharing. I don’t want to impose on your time but, would you be able to help me? Thanks.

  57. I can’t get your pdf download to work. Any hints you can offer? I have the Adobe Reader X – the new upgrade.
    LouAnne in California

  58. I said before I couldn’t get the pdf to work, but ignore that. Suddenly it worked for me. Ah, sweet mysteries of Computers!

  59. Our family usually sings carols to our neighbors as we make the rounds delivering holiday treats to them, and we all wear our Santa hats.

  60. Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial . I have just put some photos on my blog , and on your flicker group !!!

  61. they are so cute.

  62. when i was a kid we would go caroling with my parents bible study group. my favorite part was most places we went had cookies for us!

  63. Thank you so much for your generosity. Your ingenuity is evident. This cluster of beauty makes me happy just by looking at their faces. Would be a fun project to tackle with a group of youth.

  64. Our family is going caroling for the first time this year and we are all so excited about it. When I was growing up, my parents took my sister and I caroling and it was always a highlight of the holiday season.

  65. How cute! We used to carol for charity when I was in school, nowadays I just like entertaining (torturing?) my husband with my vast array of half remembered Christmas songs. Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. I’m totally making one of these for my mother-in-law who loves caroling. My personal favorite kind of caroling is zombie caroling on Halloween which I’ve been doing for four or five years now. “We have come from beyond the grave, Seeking brains, the flavor we crave, Spleen and liver, make me shiver, our hunger off we stave, ohhhh-ohhh…

  67. These are darling!

    The only time I’ve ever seen carolers was when I was living in a little apartment in a small town. I heard a noise, and opened my windows. About twenty carolers were standing out on the sidewalk, signing to the building. I left the window open, even though it was freezing outside. It was really beautiful and magical.

  68. havent looked at the tutorial yet, but i think they would be cute as doorstops too

  69. never been caroling, unfortunately. Or fortunate, since I don’t have much of a singing voice.

    Love the carolers!

  70. Your carolers are adorable!!! Love them

  71. absolutely A-DORABLE!

  72. I love this! I hope you don’t mind linking to it from my weblog!
    I just wanted to add as well, that the flickr link in your pdf is acting funny. I can’t click it and if I copy it, it pastes like this: ‘&&

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