Did you all see that 217 dresses were made for the Dress A Girl Around the world sew along?!!  That is awesome.  Although, there were a ton more dresses that I loved, here are a few of the beauties…


Dress #7 for Dress a Girl Around the World, 2. vintage flower pillowcase dress, 3. IMG_3721, 4. Pillowcase dress # 2, 5. Dress a Girl Around the World, 6. Dress-a-Girl #5, 7. Dress, 8. Last one!, 9. Reversible Pillowcase Dress

I just love the thought of 217 girls getting a dress.  Great job Vanessa!  The whole thing was so fun and I feel really fortunate to have been part of the planning and help.   As a big THANK YOU to all the friends who participated (or if you are still planning on making a dress!)  I made a coupon in my big cartel shop for 30% off all my patterns.  That means each pattern is only $4.20!   Enter the coupon code DRESSAGIRL to get the deal.  This will last for one week from today, March 17th to next Thursday, March 24th.

In other news, I am busy busy busy sewing up items for the Handmade arcade that I will be part of on April 16th.  

My sister is coming to help me!  I am not the best at "production" sewing so the seam ripper is seeing TONS of action which is pretty frustrating.  But, yesterday I made 20 of these and no seam ripping required!  

Outside my daffodils are coming up!  Remember this post?  This picture is my Happy Saint Patricks day contribution!


This is the time of year where I get pretty gung ho about gardening.  I am following my friend Kristi's posts about getting her seeds started.  If you are interested in starting seeds for your vegetable garden, this is an excellent series since it is down to earth and simple.  I have a bunch of perennials that I am going to divide and I was wondering if any of you would be interested in hearing about that kind of information?   I would think sewers are interested in flowers too, right??   Let me know! 

Lastly, my kids were wondering this morning where their St. Patricks day gifts were.  REALLY?  I guess you can't blame them for trying but seriously,  are people giving gifts to kids on St. Patricks day now?   Anne said, "you know, mom, just a bag of candy or something!"  Sometimes I feel like saying, "Every day you are a kid with me taking care of you is a gift!"  But I don't since they are actually pretty nice kids…



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