If you kind readers haven't noticed, I complain A LOT about bad weather.  You may ask yourself, "Why oh why does she choose to live in Pittsburgh??"  2nd only to Seattle for lack of sunny days!  It's for the love of my hubby, friends, and here in Western PA is where we will stay.  Today was HIDEOUS: rain, wind, sleet, 30 degrees.  But I did manage to make a sunny daffodil dress for Dress a Girl Around the World Sew Along.  These 2 pictures are of the front and the back.  HA!  Either could be the front or the back according to how the little girl wants to wear it!

IMG_8240 IMG_8244

Those pictures took some MAJOR photo editing to get them looking bright.  This was another pillowcase from my vintage pile.  I am thinking from the 60s?  The graphics are so cool.  I love a huge scale like this, don't you?  I did an easy ruffle with the extra fabric.   

The ruffle took longer than the rest of the whole dress!  I also followed Vanessa's tutorial and made it 22" long and used 1/2" elastic at the neckline.  In my dress yesterday I used 1/4" elastic and this was much better.   Hopefully I'll get one more dress done tomorrow!  

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