I have less than a week until my due date!  I have been a busy little bee in the baby room.  I plan on having the baby sleep in with my 5 year old eventually but for now, she will be taking over my sewing room.  So lots of boxes of fabric and trim have gone to the basement and things have been consolidated and donated to make more space.

I love having my own sewing space so this is a little hard for me but it's also fun to set up for the new family member.  This week I'll share all my little projects.  First up is a cover I made for a boppy.

Gingercake boppy cover
I used this tutorial and vintage fabric (remember this dress for Anne?).  This fabric is soft and lovely.  I just love the retro look.  I plan on nursing this baby even though nursing isn't super easy for me- especially at first.  So I bought a brand new "naked boppy" and made my own cover.  Trying to get in the mood, ya know??  Like I mentioned before, I put away lots of trims and sewing items away in the basement and realized that my zippers were down there too!  The boppy comes in a nice carrier and I just used the nice long zipper from the plastic carrier for my pillow!

Gingercake boppy cover zipper
Just a warning about following this tutorial (at least for me)  The fit was a little off and I just ended up doing my own thing with the zipper.  I guess I am not as zipper savy as I thought!  The main adjustment to the fit I had to make was in the inside curve.  I took it in about an inch and this made the fit more snug.

More projects to come in the next few days!

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