It’s no secret I have chicken envy.  I know that I can’t have chickens again this year- we have a new dog, travel plans, and honestly, I can’t stand dealing with chicken poop.  But I love the idea of a pretty little chicken coop and heirloom varities of chickens laying beautiful brown eggs.  Anne’s piano teacher has new chicks and is keeping them in her kitchen in a box for a few weeks.  The kids and I enjoyed looking at them and holding them.  They were all colors and shades and so noisy!  chicks-in-basket-all-12

I made a chick pattern for my book, Pretty Birds and decided it would be fun to sew a bunch of chicks for spring decorations.   They are so fun and although not the real thing, they do satisfy a little of my chicken love 🙂

chicks-in-basket-6 chicks-in-basket

I had a big crew of newphews and nieces here for Easter dinner on Sunday.  Anne asked, Can I give the cousin chicks to take home?  I felt pretty torn- these kids expect handmade cute things from Aunt Virginia.  It is practically assumed in our family!  But this time I said NO.  These chicks are for me 🙂

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