Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day Spring 2015

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I love Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!  This week I am giving away a signed (cuz I’m so not famous) copy of my book,  Sewing to Sell.   This book is a great resource for starting a sewing business AND it offers 16 copyright free sewing projects.


I made these 3 quick and Cool Grocery Totes (a pattern from Sewing to Sell) for my mama for Mother’s day.  It is one of my favorite projects from the book since it’s quick, there is little fabric waste, and the result is a fun and useful bag.  I really like the idea of making sets too-  Wouldn’t groceries look adorable in these bags??GigisGroceryBags2GigisGroceryBags

I also made a set for my mother in law, Trish.  I love these bright colors and I hope she will too!GroceryBagsForTrishAll fabrics were from JoAnn Fabrics.  The yellow lining fabric on the fruit bags is Lotta Jansdotter for JoAnn.  They also have some really pretty Cloud 9 fabric there now too!

I made a youtube video about these Quick and Cool Grocery Bags that you can see here.

To enter the giveaway for the book (which includes the pattern for the grocery tote!) please leave a comment here answering one of these questions:

What are you hoping to sew this summer? 

What is your favorite handmade gift to give?

YES- I will ship the book internationally.

The giveaway is now CLOSED.  Thanks so much!  The winner was #192, Kelsey!  Thanks so much for all your comments.  I loved reading them all.

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  1. This summer I am hoping to make a quilt for my bed. It’s going to be a feat because it needs to be king sized! Right now my favorite handmade gift to give are quilts, several of my close friends are having babies and I love making quilts for them!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!

    • I have just retired so i can take care of my elderly mother and sew. I think i saw a lunch bag that my grandkids would love. Also would love to do the grocery bags

  2. Lovely giveaway,thank you for the chance to win it.I am just on the lookout fpr perfect fabric for summer tote bag,also planing some hats for my daughter and me.Crochet is my passion and love it,my best gifts are hats,scarfs and ornaments.Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Need to get started on a quilt for my Mom & Dad!

  4. I usually make a bag of some kind. The none I have made most often is an EPP hexie tote bag which i slovenly but does take a long time to make. I also like to make jams and cakes as gifts too. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  5. I love to give zippered pouches as gifts. They are easy to make and don’t use much fabric.

  6. My favorite handmade gift to give is, hands down, a quilt. From picking out the pattern and fabrics to seeing the recipient’s reaction – Love every part of it!

  7. I would like to make some totes to take to the family reunion and give out as prizes!

  8. Hoping to sew lots of dresses

  9. I am making clothes for my granddaughters and their American Girl and Barbie dolls. I am also planning to teach them to sew.

  10. this summer I am hoping to finish my WIPs. I love gifting quilts, or dolls or boy’s ties.

  11. Thank you so much for hosting a giveaway! I’m hoping to sew a lunchbag for myself for work, and a couple of skirts out of jersey.

  12. I am hoping to finish my WIPs and a dolphin wallhanging kit.

  13. I’m re-decorating so I will be sewing cushions. I also have a mountain of bags and purses lined up. Bags are my favourite gift to sew as they’re practical.

  14. I love sewing quilts and table runners. I make bags for everyone I think. This summer I am making seasonal table runners for my grand daughter for Christmas

  15. I am going to sew a plaid/white pineaple quilt – and I’m goign to finish it and if I don’T I will be very cross with myself!
    But I also whant to sew myself an “instant overnight bag” – something I can have sitting around mostly packed with the essentials and strap my airmattress and sleeping back onto and some exterior pockets for a water bottle and a snack and a deck of cards. I just need to figure out a pattern. But that woudl be really neat to have. And maybe a backpack to go along that can hold my folders and helmet and stuff … you see I still have to work on it.

  16. I have two bags in progress for my two boys. I want to finish them, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

  17. Ooooh I love those totes!!! My fave things to sew are small projects like tea towels, tea wallets, handbags.

  18. Love giving zipper pouches but might try that shopping tote

  19. Thank you for the chance to win your lovely book.

    This summer, I plan to make my first ever quilt, and definitely some of your totes, if I win. Plus we are adopting a little rescue dog from Romania, who is travelling to meet us in the UK in June, so I want to make her a little coat for the winter. Love your blog xx

  20. I’d like to sew more clothes for me this summer. Love your adorable bag sets!

  21. I’m hoping to finish a few UFOs this summer all while packing for a cross country move in August. I like to make and give away pincushions to my quilty friends. But I think a grocery tote would be a great gift to give non quilty types.

  22. I am hoping to start on Christmas gifts early!!

  23. I’m hoping to sew some cosmetic bags for my daughters up coming wedding. I’m not a “bag” person, but these little bags everyone posts look so cute and I need to save some expenses. Lord knows I have fabric!
    I like to give small quilts to teachers, and if it’s a close friend, I do enjoy having them pick out fabric and make them a lap quilt.
    I also like to sew little items with the neighbor girl who is 5 and a hoot! She’s made mom a pillowcase, and a scarf.
    You’re book sounds great, after I quit my real job, hopefully soon, this will come in handy.

  24. I love to sew clothes–and stuffed animals!!! haha.

  25. I am getting ready to start making a whole set of Disney Princess inspired dolls to sell in my shop. I can’t wait to get started on them.

  26. I love making stuffed toys for the little people in my life. 🙂

  27. Next on my to-do list is a beach themed mini quilt for a swap that I joined. And handmade gifts that I like to give away vary from time to time and year to year. But I do like making potholders, mugrugs and little bags.
    many thanks for your giveaway!

  28. I would LOVE to win your book! I just had a baby (eight days ago) so my plan is to take it easy this summer. I’ve got a few selfish sewing projects to work on here and there as I find time. As for gifts, I love making baby bibs and hot pads!

  29. hoping to sew some big girl dresses….

  30. I’m hoping to sew myself a swimsuit!!! And that grocery bag would be perfect for the beach! 😉

  31. I like to sew tote bags.

    My favorite handmade gift to give is a personalized necklace.

  32. I am hoping to finish up a quilt that I have been hand sewing on and off for a couple of months now

  33. Those totes are really cute-would love to try making them. Thanks for the tutorial.

  34. Virginia those bags look stunning hanging there! I’d love to sew a top or 2 for me this summer, I even have fabric for it! thanks for the great giveaway

  35. I will be making baby quilts

  36. Collecting fun summer fabrics for tote bags – love tgese market bags !

  37. I hope to make some fun pillow cases for the grand and great grand daughters.

  38. This summer I’m hoping to sew a leather tote purse to replace my dying work purse that lugs my laptop all over. I’ve designed the bag and have the leather and fabric, so now I just need to actually _sew_it. 😉

  39. I never get sick of sewing dresses for new babies – I’m not so good at sewing for boys! Thanks for the chance to win. P.s: love your Venna tote – I’ve just made one too x

  40. I am hoping to make some diaper bags this summer and I love giving blankets as gifts!

  41. Since all the cities around me just outlawed plastic bags looks like I’ll be making some for groceries and I love your pattern. My favorite handmade gift to give is a quilt, but if I don’t have time for it I like zipper pouches.

  42. You’re just so cute! Thanks so much for making this video. I already have the book and am thrilled with it. I have my first ever market coming up in 4 weeks! I will be selling theses bags along with the “great big totes”, the “slouch bag” and the “purse organizers” among my other items that I’ve made. This book has really motivated me to get this 5 year plan of mine in motion. Thanks!

    • HI CHristina! Good luck with your show! I bet it will be great. I am so happy the book has helped you move forward with your handmade business. THat is so wonderful 🙂

  43. This Summer I would like to catch up on my UFOs. Quilt tops need to be put together and quilted.

  44. I really love the totes!!!!! I am hoping to once and for all make myself a quilt! I know…crazy!

  45. So fun! I would LOVE to win a copy of your book. 🙂
    I would make some of your grocery totes! Much more fun to get groceries with such a cute tote!

  46. I would love to win your book! I am hoping to sew my Swoon Quilt this summer and also continue working with my 6 year old daughter on her first quilt. My son (then 9) finished his last summer but hers did not get finished.

  47. This summer I’d really like to finish sewing the sofa covers and new cushions – we moved last October and I just haven’t had time! My favorite gift to give used to be a little initials mug rug, but the hour basket is quickly becoming my go to!

  48. Sewing is limited in the summer here as kids are off school and very hard to get the time!

    Favourite gift is a cushion cover.

  49. I hope to make a proper big quilt during summer 🙂 Im scared of making big quilts so for me thats quite a goal! 😉

    I love to give little zippy pouches or quilted mugrugs as gifts 🙂

    Thank you SO much for the chance to win 🙂

  50. I am hoping to sew some dresses for my girls (we bought some gorgeous fabric on a recent holiday to Japan) and I love to give handmade totes or purses to female friends as they are always useful and beautiful. 🙂

  51. I make tons of Noodlehead Divided Baskets as baby gifts! It’s fun to choose fabrics to match the personality and decor of each friend 🙂

  52. I am starting Spangled Stars QAL so I hope to get that done! thanks for the chance

  53. I am hoping to sew a quilt for a wedding!

  54. I’m hoping to sew an irish chain quilt

  55. I love to make mug rugs I am wanting to finish some Christmas gifts Thanks

  56. I am hoping to sew my own wardrobe this summer…..or at least as many pieces as budget allows!

  57. I’ll be making a boatload of baby quilts over the summer. 8 of my family and friends are pregnant!

    I think my favourite handmade gifts to give are softies.. you never have to worry about fit. 😉

  58. I am hoping to sew this summer–I’ve got a lot of projects I want to finish up this year, and summers are a good time for it (until it gets too hot!). I like giving useful handmade gifts–quilts, dishcloths, socks, etc.

  59. Cute bags!!! I’ve been thinking about selling sewing items to make some extra money to buy more fabric!!!! Lol thanks for the chance!!

  60. I like to give embroidered napkins.

  61. This summer I am just hoping to make it at least half-way through my sewing to-do list before I have to pack everything and move! Few fun projects, mostly clothing repairs/tailoring, a final few commissions, and early birthday presents.

  62. I have several projects that I am working on, a pickle dish quilt, an octagon quilt, and a Bonnie Hunter mystery. If I complete those, I have plenty of UFO’s to keep me busy.

  63. I plan to start some mug rugs for Christmas gifts this summer.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. What are you hoping to sew this summer?
    I would like to sew more bag/purse as gift for friends.

    What is your favorite handmade gift to give?
    Depend on what my friend like, mostly are small purse, so that they can keep their small item in the bag tidy.

  65. Swim suit and swim diapers for my little guy

  66. hoping to get another new pattern designed and sewn!

  67. Your grocery totes are fantastic! I’m hoping to finally sew a Super Tote for myself, as well as sew up some new blouses (eagerly awaiting the release of Made By Rae’s Beatrix pattern).

  68. Thank you so much for the chance! Would love to read this book and sew from it as well. I’m hoping to get some garment sewing for my 3 daughters done…..a few skirts and dresses.

  69. I’m hoping to make a harvest apron this summer. Thanks.

  70. I am working on a quilt for my sister-in-law but also promised to make some grocery totes to donate for an event and I love your pattern. I’ll need to get your book. Thanks for the chance.

  71. I’m hoping to sew a Super Tote this summer!

  72. What an awesome looking book and something I am seriously interested in doing right now. I have gifted quite a few baby quilts but my newest gift rage is pillow cushion covers. love the ease of quilting the smaller project!

  73. I love to give quilts, but only to those I really, really care about, and to those who appreciate the effort it takes to create a handmade item.

  74. This summer I will sew a work dress for my daughter (37), many small grocerybags for gifts which is my favorite gift for friends. I fill the bags with gifts or garden flowers

  75. apparently I like giving away table runners as I’ve made or am making quite a few recently .

  76. So much that I want to sew. Winter is coming here so maybe something to keep warm.

  77. I’ve got a quilt I’d like to start.

    Pink Scissors Design on Etsy
    pinkscissorsdesign@ gmail .com

  78. I am hoping to get started on a dresden plate quilt!

  79. I want to make those grocery bags, they ‘re lovely.

  80. I am just hoping to sew a lot, period. I don’t get a lot of time to sew with the baby around. haha.

    I usually give handmade totes, grocery bags, mug rugs and zipper pouches.

  81. The bags are wonderful!! I’ve pinned this so I can watch your video later. I am working on clothing for little girls in need for a trip a friend is taking this summer — she will be visiting children living on a garbage dump.

  82. Awesome giveaway! This summer I want to sew some clothes for myself. I have the fabrics and patterns and just need to finish up some WIP so I can get started. Thanks for the chance to win.

  83. I would love sew more and more summer dresses to my girls, and I just love to sew baby quilts as gifts 🙂 Thanks so much for this great giveaway!

  84. Hoping to make quilted jackets for my nieces – fall will be coming. Then there are always the works in progress!! Thanks for participating. I love to give quilts as a wedding gift.

  85. I’m hoping to make a picnic quilt and I’d like to make some grocery bags!!

  86. My favorite handmade gift to give is a doll blanket for the little girls we know.

  87. I am hoping to make a quilt for one of my boys and some little jumpers for my baby girl this summer. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  88. Hoping to make summer bag,love to make hats.Lovely giveaway,thank you for the chance to win it.Have a lovely weekend.

  89. Starfall by Fresh Lemons using In Color Order’s Dreamin Vintage fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win!

  90. Coincidentally I would love to sew my own bag this summer, similar to yours.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  91. Hello!
    I love to sew pieced and appliquéd dish towels and coordinating pot holders as gifts and I’m also enjoying making purses these days – a girl can never have too many purses! I also plan on a few comfy and cool sundresses for the upcoming long, hot summer!
    Warm regards,
    Ruth L

  92. This summer I will sew many of the quilts that I will give as Christmas gifts. I like to get the bigger gifts out of the way and then I can make quick little things at the last minute if needed. Lap quilts are my favorite gift to give. And baby quilts to those with babies.

  93. I have a huge list of projects I want to make this summer but now I have to add those grocery totes to it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. Love this bag – I love making baby blankets.\ and plan to make several for my new grand baby due in September.

  95. I’m hoping to sew my 1st full sized quilt this summer. I have it about 90% done. My favorite handmade gifts are food. I’m feeling lately like i have too much stuff.

  96. I so saw this via newsletter! I’d loooove to win!!!! I love gifting anything handmade,. but simple totes I can embroider on are a fav!

  97. I love making almond pound cakes to thank all of my coworkers who help me get through each week. I also enjoy making long sleeve bibs for toddlers.

  98. I’m hoping to finally sew a crayon art folio. My favorite thing to sew and give away are tote bags…quick and easy! Thanks for the chance to win!

  99. I am hoping to sew my littlest a several pairs of shorts, and one of your sleep away totes for myself. I have already made my children a sleep away tote each, so now it’s time for mama to have one! I 8love* those grocery bags and think they make a perfect gift, so I may need to pick up your lovely book! Thanks for the chance to win.

  100. I am planning on sewing some cloth baskets to help get my sewing room organized.

  101. I love giving bags of different types as gifts. I would love to add this market bag to my patterns since we live in an area now where stores can’t give out bags anymore…..

  102. This summer I would love to sew… anything! We have been soooo busy that I haven’t had time to sew. My favorite gifts to sew are baby blankets. I love those grocery bags!!!

  103. I’m hoping to make another Jacob’s Ladder with my scraps.

  104. I have a list of things I would like to sew this summer, especially some new tops for myself.

  105. I will be sewing matching dresses and sunsuits for my daughter and niece. My favourite giveaways are baby items at showers like sleep sacks and swaddling blankets.

  106. This summer I am planning on making pillowcases and capes for Enchanted Makeovers .

  107. I really want to start sewing clothes for myself!! I have been collecting patterns for years so I better start soon! Lol!

  108. My favorite little project to make for friends is little coin purses to hold giftcards. It is something special to have after the gc is spent.

    My summer project is more of of a housekeeping thing. I have 15 twenty gallon tubs filled with inherited fabrics. My goal is to make enough items to clear out one tub.

  109. This summer I am hoping to do some selfish sewing, skirts and tops! And I have lots of sewing to do for my grandson before he arrives!

  110. I would love to win a copy of this book. I’ve checked it out from the library at least three times already and have had it in my pile of books at Barnes and Noble twice – both times I put it back in order to let my daughters get more books. I’m such a nice Mom, aren’t I? 🙂 Winning it would be awesome! My sewing goal for the summer is to make myself a few nice church dresses and my favorite handmade gift is bags. I can never have enough bags and people love practical gifts (rather than cute things that end up sitting on shelves.)

  111. Thanks for the chance to win! This summe I really want to sew some tops for myself and some bottoms for my 9year old daughter!!

  112. This summer I’m hoping to make a quilt for myself. I also want to make summer dresses for myself. I hardly ever make anything for myself — everything is given away to others.

  113. I plan on finishing up my daughters queen size quilt and starting an etsy business this summer. My favorite handmade gift is a zipper pouch or wrist key fob. thanks for the chance to win. Kristi

  114. What am I hoping to sew this summer? I’m hoping to sew a special camping quilt for my dad. He loves to camp and my little family will be meeting him for a fun camping trip in July for his birthday. I love giving handmade gifts that are unique to what that person likes and also a little sentimental so I’m hoping to throw in a something related to my kids (He is a big softy for his grandkids.) 🙂

  115. What a fun giveaway! I would love to sew clothes for myself this summer, maybe even a swim suit.

  116. I have a pattern for a floral bunny, I hope to try soon and make some fabric clothes for a doll I have knitted.

  117. I’m planning to finish sewing all the projects I started. Sew a few things for the kids. And if I get your book then maybe a few things to sell (been wanting to participate in the craft fair for a long time now but didn’t have many ideas).

  118. My favorite handmade gift to make is a cover for a pack of tissues (purse size)with person’s name or initial machine-embroidered on it.

  119. Summertime is hard to get much sewing in. Between work and daylight until almost 10 at night, we spend alot of time outside. 🙂 I will try to finish up some quilt tops though.

  120. This summer I really want to up the number of hand made clothing items for myself :). My favorite gift for people is either baby quilts or make up purses, whatever is most useful and appreciated 🙂

  121. I hope to catch up on a lot of things this summer. Mostly quilts, top priorities are a BOM and the Jelly Roll quilt that is covering my sewing machine right now. That is my favorite handmade gift, although I do like a lot of variety there.

  122. I am trying to start a home business so that I can be available for my Dad who is 90. He is pretty self sufficient, but does need my help. I have started making totes and bags and hope to get things going soon. Your book would be a tremendous help and treasure to me.
    I love your patterns, so easy to follow. Thank you.
    Debbie Rupp

  123. I like to sew baby blankets for gifts. Tea towels are my latest sewing project. Your mama and mother-in-law should be very happy to receive these colourful grocery bags!

  124. Lots of sewing projects on deck…cushions for an outdoor sofa, quilts for my daughters and some clothes of course:)

  125. I love your elephant sewing pattern and would love to win your new book! Thank you for the chance!!

  126. I’m planning on finishing a bunch of quilts this summer! I wish I had a go to gift, but I always seem to make different ones!

  127. I love sewing miniquilts – lots of fun and easy to finish (well…most of the time!!!) I love to give zippy pouches – quick and easy and always go over well!

  128. This summer I would love to make something for me! A dress preferably but maybe a bag. I haven’t made something for me for over 2 years but have made plenty of things for other people.
    My favourite thing to make as a gift is a crayon/pencil roll if it is for children. For adults a pouch or pencil case.

  129. I’m actually hoping to sew some reusable grocery totes. I love how pretty and useful they are. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  130. I like to give personalized pillowcases as gifts – especially for children. Thanks for a great giveaway. I want this book.

  131. I have made several bags before with that type of handle and it was a b____ to sew according to the instructions. This is definitely a lot of easier and much more attractive. I am looking forward to making a bag like this in the future.

  132. I hope to sew a baby quilt for my cousin’s new baby this summer. She’s due this fall so it would be the first time I actually finished a gift BEFORE the baby arrived (procrastinator that I am!) thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of your book!

  133. This summer I need to make a quilt for my sister who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I have a bunch of other projects, too, but this one comes first.

  134. I hope to finish a skirt for myself and a quilt this summer! I love giving bags and zippered clutches as gifts. Who couldn’t use more of them?

  135. I love this bag pattern. We have made your birds and Owls. This summer my girls are looking forward to making bags and selling them at the seashore, along with wild flowers. Who wouldn’t want a cute shopping bag to put their flowers and other treasures in. Thank you for the chance to win your book.

  136. I am making a wedding quilt for my son. I love to give a quilt. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  137. One of my favourite hand made gifts so far was the Owl Service hat that I knitted for my dad, but my favourite hand made gift to give is actually handmade cards! I love that they work as a small gift for someone, or as part of a larger gift as well.

  138. This Summer I hope to sew everything I want to sell this Fall/Winter at the Craft Fairs! Wishful thinking maybe, but I think I can pull it off! I love to give my handmade purses, totes and bags as gifts. They’re ALWAYS appreciated.

  139. Oh, I hope to make a few more quilts!
    Thanks for the chance, I love this grocery bag, so I hope to be making a few too…

  140. This summer I am helping my Granddaughter make her first quilt. She is 12 years old and I am so happy that she wants to learn how to sew.

    My favorite handmade gift to give a gift is a handmade gift bag filled with my handmade soaps. I also like to give handmade stuffed animals to my young grandchildren. They call them “stuffies”.

  141. My favourite handmade gift (at the moment) to give is clothing. I love seeing others wearing what I’ve made and that brings a smile to mine and their faces 🙂

  142. This summer I will be making a quilt with my daughter and I am sure I’ll be doing other stuff as well. These grocery bags looks like fun to make and would love to make some as well to give. 🙂
    I like to make these drawstring bags, they are fun and quick to make and fun to give.

  143. I’m going to tackle my first ever dress! I love to give a simple zipped pouch you can never have enough

  144. Well, I love giving quilts, but they are such a time investment that they are reserved for only special occasions 🙂 Bags and pouches are fun and easier for more common gifting situations

  145. I would like to sew some summer dresses for my girls. I want to make some lunch boxes, and a quilt.

  146. I love your patterns, they are so detailed and easy to follow. Thank You!

  147. I am hoping to sew some clothes for myself this summer!

  148. It’s me again, I didn’t realize I had to answer a uestion to be eligible for the give-away. This summer, I plan to make a quilt to donate as a prize for our youth hockey program.

    Donna – MN

  149. I’m hoping to finish a quilt for my boy.
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  150. I’m really hoping to sew more clothes this summer, especially summery dresses!

  151. Love your patterns!

  152. This summer I signed up to sell at a farmer’s market so I will be sewing stock. Your book will really come in handy! Thanks for the chance

  153. I plan on sewing some knit dresses this summer. One of my favorite sewn gifts to give is a zip bag filled with goodies.

  154. Hi, I’m hoping to sew some lap and baby quilts the next few months. Up until now my favourite things to make and give away have been crocheted dishcloths. But since my sister asked me to make her family a set of Christmas stockings, once I get the pattern set, stockings may be my new favourite. I love your ideas and appreciate your patterns. 🙂

  155. Very cute bags. I’ve been planning to make some of my own, but wasn’t sure about a pattern. I would love to win.

  156. I am stalled on my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt 2014 but hope to have it finished this summer. It is a birthday gift for my sister so I need to get busy but I’m stalled.

  157. My comment will answer both of your questions – my favorite thing to give is baby quilts, and I’ve been making a ton of them lately, so this summer I’m hoping to sew something other than a baby quilt! Thanks for the giveaway!

  158. For baby gifts, I have made 100% cotton flannel burp pads designed like the pre-fold diaper. The fabric is preshrunk prior to cutting. People have called and asked if I would make some to sell, having seen the gifted pad. Originally, I made these larger pads when my son and his wife had their third child. I wanted something wide enough to fit on my son’s shoulder, not slip off, and provide maximum protection. The center has four layers, edges have two layers, and measure about ten inches wide.

    I also sew for children who have to be removed from their homes by the Dept. of Human Services. A larger laundry type bag with two heavy shoe strings to pull the item closed is much better than having to stuff clothes in a plastic garbage bag. Colorful pillowcases which do not remind the child of something left behind are also requested. Our guild makes quilts for the youth and any family which has experienced loss of living quarters due to fire.

    Your items are nice. I appreciate how you have provided tutorials. Best wishes for your business and blog. 🙂

  159. I really like giving bags! they’re quick, easy, and it’s a handmade gift everyone appreciates!

  160. Great book with lots of good information. I would sure like to win a copy !

  161. I love to sew pot holders as gifts, and I’m hoping to sew lots of kids clothes this summer!

  162. I won’t get to do too much sewing this summer; I work at a summer camp! But my favorite gift to give are dolly diapers. 🙂

  163. I am hoping to quilt the numerous quilt tops I have piling up on my spare room bed. I love giving quilts as gifts when I get them finished but lately have been sewing zipper pouches for quick gifts.

  164. I would love to finish my quilt this summer!

  165. I love making and giving bags for presents!

  166. I want to make a picnic quilt.

  167. I am working on a bunch of summer clothes for the kids and Christmas gifts.

    Love the shopping tote! This would make a great gift!

  168. I make baby bibs and hats as shower gifts! My latest project is making rice filled comfort packs!

  169. I’m planning to make totes! Would love to add those grocery bags to the lineup.
    distantsub at gmail dot com

  170. I love to make tote bags and quilts. I hope to make each teen daughter a new quilt this summer ( they aRe getting a new room and are 12&13) I just bought your pattern for the notepad organizer and made 3 in One night! Im giving them this Mother’s Day! So fun! It was so easy to follow and I love your patterns!
    Thanks for this chance to win!

  171. I plan to make my daughter a tee shirt quilt this summer.

  172. I am hoping to sew clothes for my daughter, a 2 year old. I am a beginning sewer, but I would like to learn to make clothes. I have only done bibs, blankets, burp cloths, and simple things. I want to take it up a notch. I would love to make those adorable shopping bags too! 🙂

  173. I have lots of things Id like to make, in theory; but I am probably too lazy. Like jeans. And a magic swimsuit that makes me skinny. But Id love a copy of your book, and id love to whip up a craft store inventory in time for the holidays! Thanks for the giveaway:)

  174. I’m hoping to sew up a bunch of stock for the christmas craft fair season….so this book would come in handy for sure! Thanks for the chance to win!

  175. I plan to make myself a few summer tops, and start on my grandchildren quilts for Christmas! I sew a lot, so there’s no telling what else I’ll end up making this summer!

  176. I’m hoping to make a dent in the piles of fabric–clothing primarily.

    Lately I’ve been making a lot of baby gifts; I love making hair accessories for litlle girls.

  177. I need to finish my daughter’s Swoon so she can take it to college with her in the fall.

  178. I have a new pattern for a top for my daughter that I am eager to try

  179. I hope to sew an ombre lone star quilt this summer. Awesome giveaway!

  180. I LOVE to make tote bags of all types- they are so practical, and can be adapted to the persons likes & interests! I would love to win a copy of this book!!

  181. I want to make some dress up clothes for my grandsons.

  182. This summer I’m quilting a fire fighter quilt for our local department. The department has an annual hog roast in the fall to raise money. So I’m making a quilt from start to finish for them to raffle off.

  183. Hoping to finish a wall hanging this summer!

  184. My favorite gift to give is my market bags so your pattern would be fun to try to make. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  185. This summer I want to sew some more clothes for my children. Thanks and have a great day!

  186. I am hoping to sew some clothes for me!

  187. I need to sew more shorts for my son and daughter – hopefully I’ll get that done before summer!

  188. This summer I hope to make a few dresses for my little girl.

  189. I am hoping to sew some clothes for summer. I usually sew bags so this will be something different.
    I love the bags, they are so useful 🙂
    Thank you for the lovely giveaway 🙂

  190. I am hoping to sew. . . Period. Clothes for my daughter, bags, projects that lay unfinished. Anything.

  191. I love to give things that can be used everyday. For Christmas I gave my nieces & nephews crayon wallets. This summer’s sewing list is as long as my arm! First up a new bathing suit for me. BTW- You’re blog post says this giveaway goes until FRIDAY, May 10th but the 10th is a Sunday so hopefully I’m still eligible.

  192. I love to make covered books as a gift. I decide what “inside” is the best for the person – lined, unlined, a sketch book etc and then cover with fabric that suits the person. Always appreciated. Love to make lots of other gifts as well.

  193. I want this book sooooooooo badly! I am going to be sewing some pillowcases all summer long to sell 🙂 and I hope to learn how to make some zippy pouches!

  194. I have been making a lot of One hour baskets recently. They make great gifts!

  195. I’m making rag quilts and flannel/cotton baby blankets! Your new book looks wonderful!!

  196. My favorite gifts to give are zipper pouches and/or homemade lip balms. You can never have enough of either of these!!

  197. I am hoping to sew some skirts and dresses for myself.

  198. What i really want to see this summer is my grandmother. I hope her battle with cancer does not take her away too soon so she can still be here to be part of my wedding this summer. I love to make tote bags for gifts. I think its something everyone can use.

  199. Your book looks great! Can’t wait to get it and start sewing up a storm 🙂

  200. I am hoping to sew some clothes for myself and for my kids.

  201. I’m hoping to get lots of sewing done for my children’s wardrobes! It would be nice to get a dress done for me, but not sure if that will happen!

  202. I love those grocery bags! I would love to make some!

  203. I would like to complete some my UFO quilt projects. The hand made Grandmother’s Garden is time consuming.

  204. I am really wanting to sew the train case that I got from you, I would also like to have a go at quilting.

  205. I have a goal to complete a project a day this year and so far I’m on track. So, I have a lot of things to sew up this summer. I am really enjoying making totes & purses right now.

  206. I make a lot of prayer shawls for people going through chemo. Although I dream of a day in which I’ll never have to make one, I do like making them. Thank you

  207. I will be making some dresses for myself. I love to give bags and totes as gifts.

  208. My favorite homemade gift to give is a flannel baby blanket with a pocket for easy wrapping.

  209. 3 kids. Love to make stuff. My mother was very crafty too! I finally appreciate the time and effort she put in to making her projects special.

  210. I’m hoping to sew custom sheets for my daughter’s antique (and unusual-sized) bed.

  211. I am hoping to master zippers so I can make some zipper pouches, meanwhile finishing some UFO’s.
    Thanks for the chance to win.


  212. I’m hoping to finish up some WIP this summer. Clear the stack. Make room for new ideas!

  213. I am determined to make myself some stylish clothing that actually fits this sumer. I love making bags and zipper pouches for gifts.

  214. For me, I don’t get much sewing done in summer because the kids are home from school which is why I always look forward to mid August to start sewing again. My favorite handmade gift to give is kitchen quilting – table runners, placemats, table toppers, and pot holders.

  215. I’m really, really hoping to finish up a quilt I’ve been working on, for what seems forever, for my grand daughter! It’s a replica of a vintage quilt with applique kitties. Lots of hand embroidery, which is why it’s taking me forever!

  216. I enjoy making pillowcases as gifts.

  217. This summer, I want to finally finish the binding on my quilt that has been hibernating for too long.

  218. My husband and I are about to close on a new house! So, I am going to quickly set up my craft room and start making new linens.. Curtains, a tablecloth, napkins, grocery bags, and anything else I can think up that’ll be handy!

  219. I love to give quilts

  220. I’m working on a pair of shorts right now and am hoping to make a dress, well, at least two, and I’m working on an Alabama Chanin style top.

  221. I will be sewing lots of summer clothes for my kiddos and myself.

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  222. I am hoping to finish my I spy quilt for my kids.

  223. Hi 🙂
    I’m hoping to see a lot of things actually! I’m always trying new things and when I’m finished with a challenging project I can’t wait to start with the next one! An important project though will be a little good luck bird or elephant or something like that for my aunt. She’s suffering with cancer and I want to show her a little love <3

  224. I am hoping to make my first quilt real soon.

  225. I would love to sew some dresses for my girls this summer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  226. Hoping to stop making bags long enough to actually make some tops for myself.

  227. I’m trying to get a gift quilt done before we go stay with some friends.

  228. I’m hoping to do some hand embroidery projects.

  229. I’d like to get ahead start on my holiday sewing.

  230. I hope to sew some clothes for myself favourite gift to give is flowers

  231. Thanks for a great giveaway! I’m hoping to finish sewing a Christmas quilt and, at least, start on a Norway quilt.

  232. This summer I’m working on flower girl dresses for an upcoming wedding.

  233. I am hoping to sew four road trip bags.

  234. I’m hoping to sew some super cute clothes for my kids this summer.

  235. This summer I’m hoping to finally get around to making my son a quilt x

  236. I love giving totes.

  237. Is there any way I could purchase the tote/grocery bag pattern by itself??? I’m very interested in making them but not the rest of the items in the book.

  238. hi! I am also wondering if there is any way I could purchase the tote/grocery bag pattern by itself? Looking to make these for holiday gifts.

  239. hi! I am interested in making the tote bags for gifts, Is there any way I could purchase a pdf of the tote/grocery bag pattern?

  240. Hi, I just love this bag, Is the pattern available to purchase on it’s own anywhere? Thank you

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