BigChillTurquoiseStoveMoodBoardHave you ever made mood board or inspiration board?  Its a great way to get your creative juices flowing and really let your inner style come out.

When the community Coordinator from Big Chill asked me to make a mood board with their stoves as the start off point, I knew it would be a fun challenge!

The stove is the 36” stove in turquoise.  Very fun, right?  I made the board very easily using the website canva and pulling photos off pinterest.  I am not going to go through all the photos since they are not specific things i am going to buy or make, just things that popped out as coordinating and contrasting beautifully with the stove.  Let me know if you have specific questionsabout the products.

I hope you get the chance to make a mood board sometime soon!  It will help you focus and enjoy your own creative style.

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