Everyone spends the month of January organizing in hopes that this will finally be the year that we spend our time sewing and not searching for supplies and pattern pieces, right?  I am just like everyone else!  I am in the process of finishing up my sewing room.  What was once a dark and dingy unfinished basement is now shaping up to be a really great room.  Here is a little something I did to organize my most used patterns~

Hanging patterns1000

This is simply a curtain rod and curtain rings with clips.  I labeled my patterns and inserted them into gallon storage bags.  The whole thing was very simple and it has been up a whole month already and it is working great.  I really like having all my favorite patterns so visible!  Have you been doing any new organizing?   

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  1. mary Reply

    Great idea, mine are all in plastic wallets in a file, I could do with organising them though – sometimes I spend ages flicking through. Have you more tips to share?

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