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  1. I’m trying to click on the Bohemian Headband and it gives me a 404 error. Wondering if its me or if the link to the website isn’t there.

    • Same here !! must be broken.

  2. I’m getting the 404 error also.

    • fixed!

  3. I’m making the scrappy gnomes. What size bead do you use for the head?

    • Hi! They are 1” beads.

  4. I cannot get the simple bib tutorial to come up. It takes me to an error page. Can you help?

  5. Link for bib is broken.

  6. 404 error comes up when trying to download baby nightgown. Thanks.

  7. just love the vintage biscuit holder. Made 4 in less that 3 hours(my grea tgrandson ,age 2 wanted to help dew. He pushes the go button) Took them to quilt guild and people love them. shared your address.

  8. I guess I don;t have PDF never received the pattern. I can’t remember if it was the penquin or owl I paid for

  9. The link to the bib tutorial appears to be broken, I receive “error 404: not found!” I love your patterns and your book! Thank you!

  10. Hello! I am reading your book, Sewing to Sell. I am having trouble with the lunch bag pattern instructions. When you attach the side pieces to the base, the book says batting together. Is that right? I am confused by the picture. And step 5 says to go back to step 3…which says repeat step 2? Please help!! ❤❤


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