A couple weeks ago I made a video on my Youtube channel that was sponsored by MercariMercari is a buying and selling app that is FREE and very easy to use!  My video shows how I went through my mountain of scraps, divided them into colors, weighed them and ultimately packaged them to see in 1/2 pound bundles on Mercari.  Here is the link to my Mercari store if you want to buy scraps from me.  You can do this too!   I think the key is to weigh them because they charge shipping by the pound.  Here is the video…

I gave Anne one of the scrap bundles so she could make a new drawstring back pack.  Look how super adorable this turned out!  She used the pattern from my book, Sewing to Sell.

DIY Blue patchwork Drawstring backpack blue_patchwork_drawstring_backpackCan you believe how big my girl is getting?  Look at her here.  Going to 7th grade this year and she made this bag all herself!